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Scrub Hub Joins Major Appliances

Scrub Hub Acquisition

Scrub Hub was founded in early 2020 by a passionate team of sewing experts who wanted to help their community. This network sewed scrubs for the NHS to fill a protective clothing shortage. Although the teams have since wound down production, the Scrub Hub site was acquired on 14/08/2023 by Major Appliances and lives on in a place where a team of expert writers and editors in sewing remain committed to producing helpful articles on all things sewing. Further, the team has expanded to include advice on laundry and cleaning for managing fabrics and maintaining a high level of cleanliness.

Project ‘Scrub Hub’ was originally born when hundreds of talented seamsters heard the rallying call and reached out to their own communities. By working ‘separately, yet together’ during the lockdown, they used their hands and hearts to make tens of thousands of desperately needed uniforms for NHS workers. These Scrubs were made with love throughout the process, which is meant for the world and wonderful NHS staff. Choices were made about fabric and sewing techniques, meaning they were locally made, hard-wearing, and with as minimal impact as possible.

Sewing Machines

There’s no denying it – a sewing machine is far faster than stitching fabrics by hand. Machine sewing makes quick work of finishing seams. These sewing appliances come in a range of types, from digital to overclockers, and our team of sewists are here to advise.


Effective cleaning and drying of dirty laundry requires three appliances – a washing machine to clean clothing and linens, tumble dryers to dry, and steam irons to remove wrinkles from clothes and other fabrics. We’ll help you choose the perfect laundry appliance.


Small and large appliances, from slimline dishwashers to cordless vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners have removed the need for laborious manual cleaning at home. Whether your vacuum lost suction and you need a fix, or you’re looking for a window vac to clean glass, let’s talk.

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