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Best Vented Tumble Dryer

top vented tumble dryer drum

Although not as energy efficient as heat pump and condenser tumble dryers, vented tumble dryers cost less, dry faster, and are more compact appliances, providing speedy space-saving drying, without a hefty upfront expense.

After many hours of research, we’ve shortlisted 3 of the best-vented tumble dryers to buy online that boast a large 9kg capacity.

1 Hoover HLEV9LF 9Kg White Dryer

Hoover HLEV9LF 9Kg vented dryer

The Hoover HLEV9LF features some of the widest variety of drying programmes available for a vented tumble dryer, providing optimal drying while extending the life of your fabrics.

The One Touch tumble dryer near field communication (NFC) capabilities make it possible to control your Hoover dryer and other laundry-related tasks from your smartphone. All of the material is now accessible in its entirety on iOS devices.

The Wizard App is available for free on the App Store, Android Play, and the Huawei App Gallery, and after downloading it or updating it, connecting it to your appliance is quick and easy. You can either begin the cycle, download additional cycles, or perform diagnostic checks on your dryer.

When your clothing has reached the optimal level of dryness, the sensor dry technology will immediately terminate the cycle. Your desired level of dryness for the clothes will determine which of the four drying settings you select. There is an Iron Dry, Hanger Dry, Cupboard Dry, and Extra Dry option.

You can use one of the speedy cycles if you’re in a hurry, or you can merely set the machine to run for a certain amount of time if you don’t mind waiting.

In order to accommodate your packed schedule and do your laundry in a timely manner, you can even postpone the start time by up to 24 hours.

This is a rugged, reliable, vented tumble dryer built by a reputable UK brand, and features 14 drying settings with moisture sensors, and a large drum that is ideal for families or larger households. It has been on the market for a few years now and has gained many positive customer reviews, and get’s a big thumbs up from the Scrub Hub laundry team.

Hoover H dry tumble dryer drum door
  • Large 9KG drying load capacity
  • C energy class
  • Drying sensors
  • Smart Wi-fi connectivity
  • 14 programmes
  • 67dB operating sound level

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2 Candy CSEV9LG Vented Tumble Dryer

Candy Smart Vented tumble dryer

Thanks to the Super Easy Iron feature, ironing may be done in a fraction of the time it normally would take. The proper amount of moisture is detected by a sophisticated internal sensor, leaving fabrics slightly damp and ironing much easier.

When the cycle ends and you’re not there to remove the dried laundry, you don’t need to worry about the clothes being left compressed in a heap. Any wrinkles and knots are ironed out by a unique alternating drum motion.

Candy is pleased to introduce their appliance “kg detector,” – a new intelligent sensor that quickly calculates the volume of laundry in the drum and adjusts the drying time accordingly. No more guessing if your laundry is too heavy or too light for your machine.

Drying clothes has never been easier, with Candy smart sensor, an innovation by Intel, will take care of your entire wardrobe, no matter how delicate.

The Candy method for drying clothes ensures maximum ease with least exertion on the user – you, which is the reason behind their higher door height compared to other vented dryers. With a door that is 3.5 centimetres taller than that of compatible vented tumble dryers, you no longer have to worry about giving yourself a backache when putting laundry in or taking it out.

Cleverness is the key to success. Candy’s new line of dryers is designed to dry your clothes quickly and efficiently, making your life easier so you can focus on the things that matter most. In order to give you more time to do the things that bring you the most joy. The NFC* connectivity of Candy Smart vented tumble dryers, which assists you by enhancing your drying experience, can be accessed quickly and instantly from your smartphone.

  • Smartphone connectivity
  • 9Kg laundry load handling
  • 16 drying programmes
  • Large 125-litre drum size
  • Grade C Energy rating
  • Low 67dB operating noise

3 Hoover HLEV10DG 10kg Vented Tumble Dryer 

Hoover 10kg venting dryer

Another superb vented tumble dryer by Hoover -The HLEV10DG H-DRY 300 LITE is very easy to operate, with the most thorough set of drying cycles, providing gentle drying via a range of programmes. Make use of all the high-tech extras and improve your drying time.

This vented dryer eliminates major allergens such as dust mites, pet hair, pollen, and powder detergent residue, without damaging the fibres of your clothing. This is made possible by an innovative method that uses a combination of precisely-managed heat, time, and motion to ensure that your clothing is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

The Hoover HLEV10DG H-DRY 300 LITE tumble dryer vents the hot, moist air outside through a hosepipe after being filtered. If there isn’t a window or an outdoor vent nearby, you’ll need to instal one.

Connecting your Vented Hoover Tumble Dryer to your smartphone via the ONE FI WI-FI remote control and the ONE FI WI-FI Wizard App gives you access to a plethora of helpful, high-tech features designed to simplify and improve your life

H-Dry 300 Lite Tumble dryer controls
  • Extra large 10kg drying capacity
  • Transparent dryer door
  • Four heat settings, fourteen programmes (including sensor dry, anti-crease, and fast-dry cycles), and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Energy Efficient label C

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How vented tumble Dryers Work

Tumble dryers with vents exhaust the moist air produced during drying outside the building via a wide hose located at the back of the appliance. 

First, they suck in air, heat the air with an internal heater, then blows this heated air into a rotating drum, which “tumble dry” clothes. 

The heated air and movement release moisture from clothes, towels, bedding, or whatever types of fabric you are drying. This warm dam air then funnels down a hose that is “vented” outside through a wall vent, door, or open window. 

This is the reason why steam rather than liquid water emerges from the hose.

Vented tumble dryers, unlike condensers and heat pumps, must be placed next to a window or wall vent so that the moisture may be expelled outdoors and prevent condensation.

A vented dryer requires either a professionally installed vent or the hose to be hung through an existing aperture (such as a window or door). Hoses frequently have corrugations similar to the bend in a drinking straw. When not in use, they can be compressed for storage due to their flexibility.

A vented tumble dryer’s main advantage is that it will cost less to purchase than a condenser dryer, lowering the initial investment.

There is no need to empty a water reservoir because vented tumble dryers exhaust moisture directly outside into the environment, which gives them an additional benefit over condenser dryers.

Average Price for vented tumble Dryer

You will find that vented tumble dryers are the cheapest to buy, with condenser dryers being the next most expensive, and heat pumps topping the list as the highest-priced tumble dryers.

Prices for a great branded vented tumble dryer start around £200 at the low end and £400 at the highest. Compared to heat pump tumble dryers which cost between £300 and over £1,000 – you can get an idea of how much lower the costs are when buying vented.  

You can shop for a tumble dryer anytime, day or night, without leaving your house, which makes buying online more convenient (and frequently cheaper) than shopping in a store. You can’t look inside the machine or obtain individual help, though, which makes buying guides and reviews like this one so valuable. 

Vented Dryer Load Capacity

The capacity of a vented dryer is measured in terms of the total dry weight that can be accommodated in the machine’s drum. 

Vented tumble dryer capacities are expressed in kilogrammes, just like washing machines. Typically, load-bearing capacities range from 3 to 9kg, with a limited number of 10kg machines to choose from.

However, bigger doesn’t mean better, though. Think about how many people live in your home and how often you do need to dry laundry. When drying fewer items of clothing, a larger drum may you more power to run, while a smaller drum would have been more efficient for a smaller laundry load. The general rule of thumb is that a 7-kilogram capacity vented tumble dryer is adequate for a couple, while a 9-kilogram dryer is required for a family of four or more people.

Remember that the useful capacity of tumble dryers varies with the fabric of the clothes being dried. For instance, when washing polyester, you should usually cut the recommended volume in half. That means you can dry up to 4kg of synthetics at once in a tumble dryer that is rated 7kg. 

Never overstuff your tumble dryer, as overfilling may cause overheating, damp patches on clothing, and slow drying times. Fill the drum to around 70% of the dryer’s capacity for the best results.

Buying a vented tumble dryer that can accommodate the same number of loads as your washing machine can make it easier to switch between the two machines after each wash.

Drying periods can be reduced and energy efficiency increased by using a larger drum, for larger loads of wet laundry, as more hot air can circulate.

With the correct capacity, there will be less creasing since the garments will have more room to move around in the drum. 

Vent Tumble Dryer Energy Ratings

Owning more energy-efficient appliances is a terrific first step in lowering your monthly energy costs, which we can all appreciate in the current climate. 

Unfortunately, of the three types of dryers available, vented tumble dryers rank the worst in terms of energy consumption, making them the least energy efficient and the most expensive to run. 

Typically, a vented dryer will have an energy class of C (they are never A-rated) and will burn through roughly 5.02 kWh of electricity during a full drying cycle. Compared to heat pump tumble dryers, which are all classed with an energy rating of A or greater, vented tumble dryers will cost substantially more to run.

However, a vented tumble dryer will dry clothes almost twice as fast as a heat pump dryer and cost far less to buy upfront. If you’re a single person or couple who doesn’t have large laundry loads and doesn’t use the dryer often, then this poor energy rating won’t be much of an issue. 

Also, some of the best-vented dryers are equipped with energy-saving technologies, and if using the most optimal programme, can lighten the impact on energy cost.