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Best Over Bath Glass Shower Screens

glass shower door over bathtub

You need a way to keep shower puddles off of your bathroom floor, but the traditional curtain look seems so fussy. For a sleeker, more modern approach to bathroom design, consider a shower screen instead.

These glass screens install on your bath-shower combo to keep shower spray inside the tub. They guard against splashes without obstructing the view — whether that’s your view out of the shower or your guests’ view into your newly remodelled tub (when not in use, of course!).

To find the bath shower screen that’s right for your bathroom, take a look at the seven options below, explore their various features, and start daydreaming about which one would do the best job of elevating your bathroom design to the next level.

1. MIQU 180-degree Pivot Bath Screen

rounded glass screen over bath

For the sleekest look, try out this shower screen from MIQU on which the crystal-clear glass takes centre stage.

The sole hinge is positioned close to the bathroom wall, so the main portion of the screen is one solid sheet of glass. This particular version features no extra accessories, so there’s nothing to interrupt the smooth appearance of the glass panel. It’s frameless as well, and the top corner features a curved edge that enhances the contemporary look of this piece.

This particular model measures 800 millimetres by 1,400 millimetres. The door has a 180-degree range of motion, so you can install the screen on the left or right side of your bathtub.

The hinge hardware is made of a metal alloy for the longevity of use. There’s an included shower seal to guard against leaks.

If you’re worried about water spots on your glass shower screen, this MIQU model could be an ideal one to choose from. The 6-millimetre glass is made with NANO technology that the manufacturer promotes as self-cleaning. There’s an extra layer over the top of the glass that resists the buildup of dirt, water and mineral deposits. The fewer water spots to deal with, the less glass cleaning you’ll need to do!

2. Xinyang Easy Clean 180-degree Pivot Double Panel Screen Door

short glass shower door

Convenience is a top priority with this Xinyang shower screen. Not only is there a chrome towel bar installed on the outside of the screen door, but there are also two built-in shelves that mount between the screen and the shower wall. If you’re always on the hunt for places to set your soap and shampoo, you’ll appreciate the extra space that these shelves provide.

This shower screen can be installed on either side of your bathtub. The door pivots 180 degrees, so no matter which side you have the unit installed on, you can swing it in or out.

If you have uneven bathroom walls, you can still create a snug fit with the Xinyang screen. The overall measurements are 1,000 millimetres by 1,400 millimetres, but there’s a 10-millimetre adjustment option to account for irregularities in bathroom construction. The tempered glass is 6 millimetres thick.

A shower seal for the bottom edge of the screen is included in the package. When you open the screen door, the door raises slightly so as to prevent damage to the seal.

3. Huiyang 180-degree Pivot 6mm Glass Double Panel Shower Bath Screen

180 hinged shower door

The huiyang shower screen has two sections. There’s a fixed portion that measures 300 millimetres wide. The hinged portion measures an additional 700 millimetres. Overall, this unit is 1,000 millimetres by 1,400 millimetres.

The hinged door swings 180 degrees so you can open it in or out. This, along with reversible fittings, also gives you the option to install the unit on either side of your bathtub.

The panels are 6 millimetres thick and made of safety glass. The door features an attractive rounded corner.

Although the glass door is frameless, the chrome accents on this unit are prominent. They include the interior door handle, the exterior towel bar, the fitting that affixes the unit to the wall, and the hinge between the fixed and rotating panels.

A plastic shower seal is included with the huiyang shower screen.

4. Luxura Bathroom Four-panel Folding Bath Shower Screen

4 Panel Folding Bath Shower Screen

For bathrooms that are short on space, consider the Luxura model with four folding panels. This screen is divided into four segments that fold closed in a zigzag pattern. If you’re concerned about whether your bathroom is big enough for a glass panel that swings all the way out, this folding screen could provide the perfect solution since the folded panels tuck snugly against the wall.

Each of the four sections on this glass shower screen is framed with shiny chrome. The glass itself is 4 millimetres thick and has undergone a strengthening process for safety.

Not only is this model accommodating small room dimensions, but it’s also flexible. Its reversible fittings can be installed on either side of the bathtub.

This bath shower screen is 1,000 millimetres wide and 1,400 millimetres high. Each individual glass panel is 216 millimetres across.

To help keep water inside the shower, there’s a plastic deflector that attaches to the top edge of the bathtub. To affix this properly, your bathtub must have a straight edge.

5. Abacus P-Shaped Bathtub Shower Screen Door

P shaped shower door

Bathtubs with unusual shapes require special shower doors. This model from Abacus includes both a P-shaped bathtub and a curved glass screen. The glass portion aligns perfectly with the curved edge of the tub.

The tub is made of glossy white acrylic. It includes a set of adjustable legs. The screen portion is 6 millimetres thick and made of tempered glass. This particular model doesn’t include front or end panels for the tub, but those are available if needed.

The bathtub measures 850 millimetres by 1,500 millimetres. The screen is 720 millimetres by 1,435 millimetres. This tub is designed for the shower end to be on the right side; other models are available for those who need the shower on the left.

The curved screen is frameless and has a chrome hinge on the right side. You can pivot the screen on this hinge to open or close it. There’s also a small handle on the opposite side of the door to help with the opening and closing process.

The bath comes undrilled so you can position the taps where you need them. Taps and the waste drain are sold separately.

6. MIQU Shower Screen Two-folding Bath Screen

wall mounted nano glass showerscreen

Four-panel shower screens are one space-saving option, but they’re not the only design to consider. Bifold screens may also accommodate the constraints of your small bathroom. MIQU makes a sleek two-panel bath shower that folds in the middle.

To move this shower screen, you’ll first fold it in two. Then, you can swing the folded screen toward the tub or away from it. The hinge allows for 180-degree pivoting.

The glass for this shower screen is 6 millimetres thick. Not only is it rated for explosion protection, but it’s also treated with NANO technology to guard against water spots and the buildup of other debris.

This frameless screen is accented with shiny aluminium hardware. The aluminium pieces include the bar that affixes the screen to the wall and the rectangular hinges that connect the two glass panels. The metal pieces are made of a strong alloy, and the screws are designed to resist rusting.

A few shower seals are included with this set. One sits between the folding panels and the other runs along the bottom of the screen.

The overall dimensions of this MIQU bath shower screen are 1,200mm by 1,400mm. One panel is 595mm wide and the other is 540mm across.

7. GoodHome Calera Straight Two-panel Bath Screen

GoodHome Calera Straight

If you’re looking for a basic shower screen, the GoodHome Calera model might be just right for you. It has a narrow fixed panel and a wider panel that swings open and closed.

You can install this screen on the right or left side of your bathtub. All necessary screws and other fittings are included.

The screen is made of safety glass, and it’s 5 millimetres thick. It has been treated with anti-limescale technology to make your cleaning chores easier.

Unlike some screens, this one doesn’t have a rounded corner. Instead, the top corner features a straight 90-degree angle, which might be the right look for your bathroom design. The glass is frameless and accented with an aluminium hinge.

The Calera shower screen is 1,400 millimetres high and 1,040 wide. There’s an adjustment factor of 15 millimetres available, which will be invaluable if your walls are uneven. You should install these screens only on bathtubs with flat tops.

FAQ’s on Shower Screens

Is it easy to fit a shower screen?

Installing a bath shower screen can often be a DIY process, especially if you’re handy. If you feel confident about the process and have the time to devote to it, you can probably tackle the project on your own just fine. For those who have some reservations, don’t hesitate to call a professional. Someone else will handle the hard work, and you can rest easy in the knowledge that your screen has been securely fitted to the wall.

How much do glass shower screen costs?

Shower screen prices usually begin at around £50, but higher prices usually bring more elaborate features. These upgrades might include thicker glass, more folding options, shelves, handles and more. Some screens may run you a few hundred pounds. When planning for your new bath shower screen, remember to factor in the cost of installation if you don’t plan to tackle the job yourself.

Are glass shower screens safe?

Yes, as long as you buy a quality product, you

can count on your glass shower screen to be safe. To ensure that you’re buying a reliable shower screen, look for a product that’s made of tempered safety glass. Also, the glass should be at least 4 millimetres thick, and the edges should be bevelled so there are no sharp parts. Metal hinges instead of plastic ones may hold up better over time. Finally, proper installation will contribute to the safety of your shower screen, so call a pro for help if needed.