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Best Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Thermostatic Bath Taps with shower

Getting your relaxing bath or refreshing shower at the perfect temperature shouldn’t be a struggle. To help with the process, consider upgrading to a bath shower mixer tap.

These stylish plumbing pieces are handy for two reasons. First, they combine hot and cold water to your preferred temperature before sending it out of the faucet or showerhead. That way, you’re less likely to stick your hand in a stream of icy cold or scalding hot water.

Second, a bath shower mixer provides versatility by giving you the option to bathe or shower. If you’re in the mood for a relaxing soak, then fill the tub from the tap. If a quick shower is in order, then grab ahold of the attached showerhead and start spraying.

To learn more about what a bath shower mixer tap can do for you, take a look at these six models that you could consider as part of your next bathroom remodelling project.

Solepearl Chrome Thermostatic Shower Mixer

Solepearl Chrome mixer taps

With this thermostatic mixer from Solepearl, you can shower without worry that your water will suddenly turn blistering hot or icy cold. Thermostatic mixers maintain your chosen temperature even if someone suddenly fills a basin or flushes a toilet elsewhere in the house.

With this particular mixer from Solepearl, you can choose an output temperature between 20 and 50 degrees Celsius. There’s also a temperature lock that you can set to keep the water from going above 38 degrees. In homes with young children, that can be a valuable safety feature.

The temperature control is on the right side of the unit. The handle on the left side can be adjusted to regulate how much water is released from the filler at a time.

The Solepearl bath filler has a connection on the underside for a shower hose. However, this set includes only the tap, without the hose or shower head. You’ll need to provide a hose and a showerhead if you want the option to spray off, which is a quick and easy addition.

Luckyhome Waterfall Mixer Bath Tap

Luckyhome Waterfall Mixer Bath Tap

Waterfall bath fillers, such as this black (also available in chrome) version from Luckyhome, offer a distinctive style. As you relax in a filling bathtub, the cascading water may help you feel more connected to the natural world.

The top portion of the spout is cut away so that you can watch the water run along the filler’s mirror-chrome channel before pouring it into your bath.

Not only does this set stand out because of its lovely waterfall spout, but its geometric design is another distinguishing feature. The handles, the spout and even the wand-style showerhead have rectangular edges. So, too, does the included bracket for holding the showerhead.

The shower hose connects at the bottom of the tap and supplies water to the showerhead. Thanks to an insulating layer in the showerhead, you can run a toasty hot shower without fear of the handle becoming too warm to hold.

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Hapilife Bathroom Set

bath shower mixer set

To redo all of your bathroom fixtures with a coordinating look, turn your attention to the Hapilife waterfall bathroom set. It includes not only a bath shower mixer but also a matching hand sink mixer tap.

Each piece is fitted with a smooth, lever-style handle for adjusting the water flow and temperature. For the basin, there’s one handle that rotates right and left to control both hot and cold flow. The bath tap has separate handles for hot and cold.

Both the basin and bath taps have wide spouts designed to mimic the look of a waterfall in nature. Unlike some waterfall taps, though, the water flows from an opening in the underside of the spout rather than pouring over the end.

This set includes a wand-style showerhead and a mounting bracket for holding this accessory when not in use. The silver flex hose attaches to the underside of the tap and coordinates in colour with the chrome plating of the fixtures.

To round out this collection, the pack also contains a coordinating overflow drain.

Bristan VAC LBSM C MT Club Luxury Bath Shower Mixer

Club Luxury Bath Shower Mixer

If you’re looking for a basic bath shower mixer, the Club Luxury set from Bristan might be just what you were hoping for. This chrome-plated set focuses on simple, straightforward design that looks nice and is easy to use.

Knob-style handles, also known as club heads, regulate the hot and cold water. Each is marked with a subtle ring to indicate which is which — red for hot, blue for cold. The diverter, which allows you to switch from bathwater to shower spray, has a knob-like shape that coordinates with the look of the handles.

The 1.5-meter hose for the shower handset connects to the top of the tap. Included install the mixer tap set is a wall bracket for hanging the showerhead when not in use. That’s convenient for a variety of reasons. For example, it keeps the showerhead within easy reach, and it also keeps the hose from dragging on the bath floor.

Bristan K BSM C Colonial Bath Shower Mixer

Bristan K BSM C classic style tap set

The Bristan Colonial Bath Shower Mixer puts a contemporary twist on classic styling. It features hot and cold knobs with fluted handles and a shiny chrome finish. Bristan describes the shade as Luminance Chrome.

White accents complement the chrome. You’ll find touches of white around the rim of the showerhead, on the shower handle, and on the lever for switching from bath to shower. Plus, each handle has a tiny white label that reads either “Hot” or “Cold,” so you don’t have to worry about mixing up the two.

The Bristan showerhead has a 1.5-meter handle that rests in a cradle on top of the tap. You can easily lift it off whenever it’s time to take a shower. There isn’t an included wall mount, though. Because the hose is rather long, you may need to find a spot to tuck it when the showerhead is resting in its cradle so you don’t step on it.

VeeBath Egham Cheap Bath Shower Mixer Tap

VeeBath Egham

Unlike many other mixer taps, this VeeBath Egham unit has a single handle for adjusting the temperature. You’ll swivel it to the left to warm up the water or the right to cool down the stream. This arrangement can save you the trouble of fiddling with two different handles until you reach the perfect balance of hot and cold.

Perhaps because there is only one tap handle on the unit, this bath shower mixer looks simpler in design than some other styles. It features contemporary rounded edges and a pull handle on top for switching between bathing and showering.

The VeeBath Egham bath tap is made of brass, but you wouldn’t know it just by looking. That’s because it’s plated with shiny chrome that boasts a mirrorlike finish.

This unit includes a flexible hose that attaches to the underside of the tap and a handheld showerhead. There is not a showerhead mount included with this model, however, so you may need to rest the showerhead on the edge of your bath when not in use.

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FAQ’s on Mixer Shower Taps

Are Shower Mixer Taps a Standard Size?

Yes, most shower mixer taps feature standard sizing. The inputs for hot and cold water are usually placed 180 millimetres apart. Of course, it’s always advisable to take a careful look at product dimensions to confirm that the item will work for your plumbing setup.

It’s worth noting that, while most bath shower mixer taps are designed for two-hole setups, there are alternatives that need one, three or four holes. Just like you should double-check measurements before you order, you should also confirm how many holes are currently drilled for your bathtub’s plumbing.

Are Shower Mixer Taps Any Good?

Yes, shower mixer taps can be a convenient addition to your bathing routine. They’re useful for obtaining comfortable water temperature. Another benefit of these units is that they’re versatile. With just one set of hardware, you’ll be prepared for taking baths or showers. Finally, bath shower mixer taps come in a range of styles, so there’s a version to fit nearly any decorating style.

Do Shower Mixer Taps Work with Combi Boilers?

Yes, you can use a mixer shower tap with a combi boiler. This type of boiler heats water as you need it, and the mixer tap will combine that hot water with cold to fill your bath to a comfortable temperature.

You may find, though, that your combi boiler can’t quite keep up with demand or maintain your preferred temperature if others in your house are using hot water at the same time. Opting for a thermostatic mixer can help with the temperature issue since it’s designed for producing consistent output.

What Are the Different Types of Bath Taps?

Taps can be mounted on the wall or the deck. Wall-mounted means that the hardware is affixed to the wall behind the tub. Deck-mounted is for hardware that sits on the edge of the bath. There’s actually a third option as well: freestanding taps that are mounted on the floor and extend to tub level.

Mixer taps are those that combine the hot and cold water before releasing it into the bath. Most taps these days fall into that category. The alternative is to install a pair of taps — one that pours hot water and one that pours cold.

Bath shower mixer taps add a handy feature to the typical mixer setup. In addition to the tap, there’s also a showerhead. It can usually be held by hand or placed on a storage bracket. A flexible hose connects the showerhead to the tap.