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Recommended cheap computerised sewing machines

top cheap computerised sewing machine list

It’s no secret that computerised sewing machines are considerably more expensive than their mechanical counterparts. These machines, as the name implies, have an internal computer that enables a variety of convenient automated functions. But those features come with a price.

There is a large performance gap between computerised sewing machines with prices starting as low as £150 and climbing all the way to £3,000, or more. 

You don’t need to pay a small fortune for a great computerised machine, for £200 – £300 you can get a machine that has all the main benefits of computer-tech. In this price range expect to get a machine with many pre-set stitch patterns, buttonhole sizing, automatic thread tensioning and threading, and even auto bobbin winding. 

These machines are ideal for people who have never used a sewing machine before because of how simple they are to use. The settings are optimised depending on the information you provide, which removes a lot of the guesswork from the stitching process. 

Whatever experience or skill level you’re at, we’ve created this shortlist to get you set up with a cheap and reliable computerised sewing machine for your home.

1. Brother FS40s Electronic Sewing Machine

Brother Budget Sewing Machine with Computer

New to the Brother lineup of sewing machines is the FS40s. An upgraded model of the discontinued Brother FS40. The Brother FS40s is a fantastic sewing machine that is both easy to operate and highly adaptable, allowing you to quickly sew together any project you can think of. 

If you’re a novice or a seasoned seamstress, you’ll love the Brother FS40s and all the features it comes with. With 40 different stitch options, computerised controls, a metal frame for increased durability, and an LCD screen for easy parameter viewing, this sewing machine is a dream come true for any DIYer.

The Brother FS40s is capable of stitching through a wide range of fabrics, from silk to denim, but its limits become apparent when working with heavier materials. It has been updated to take on a form more in keeping with other models from the same line, such as the CS10s, FS20s, and FS60X.

The bobbin container is conveniently located so threading the machine is a quick and easy process. In addition, the transparent lid makes it simple to monitor the bobbin’s thread supply while you sew. That’s why it’s ideal for keeping track of when you need to change threads when stitching. The needle plate has guidelines and multiple graduations to assist you to sew flawless seams no matter the fabric or the difficulty level of the project.

Also convenient are the machine’s manual thread cutter (located conveniently on one side) and its up/down needle positioning buttons (used to raise and lower the fabric needle). With the Brother FS40s, you can adjust the stitching pace precisely with the help of a slider, even if you don’t have a foot pedal. This is a great addition for long-time sewers or those who have difficulties adjusting the pedal’s sensitivity.

Above the needle, on a basic dial with numerical markings, is where you may fine-tune the thread tension of the machine. A smooth, even seam is possible using this method. If you notice loops forming on the right side of your fabric while you stitch, try loosening the top thread tension. The opposite is true: when loops develop on the incorrect side of the fabric, you should raise the tension.

The feed dogs can be entirely lowered out of the way of your sewing if need be. This is an excellent feature for button stitching and for embroidery projects that require the use of a special presser foot that allows for greater fabric mobility.

When you need quick access to your needles or other sewing tools, you can remove the little storage compartment from the Brother FS40s sewing machine and place it in a convenient location. Pants, sleeves, and tote bags are just a few examples of circular items that benefit greatly from the free arm’s ability to sew. The left-side accessory drawer can be pulled out of the machine to make room.

Unlike previous models, the FS40s from Brother come with an automatic needle threader, making it simpler to thread the needle. The semi-automatic needle threader works because the hook and the eye of the needle are properly matched.

Last but not least, the high-powered LED lights will evenly illuminate the sewing area, allowing you to work in low-light conditions.

2. Uten 2685A Sewing Machine

Uten digital sewing machine

At under £200, the Uten 2685A sewing machine is exceptional value for money. The Uten 2685A computerised machine is a strong budget-friendly option for a variety of projects due to its user-friendly interface, robust construction amazing features, and cheap price point.

You get 200 different built-in stitches, auto-size buttonhole designs, and customizable needle locations. It’s a  lightweight portable machine with an LCD screen for simple computerised stitch selection. There’s a drop thread feed for free-motion sewing plus quilting projects. 

Adjustable stitch length specifications range from 0 – 7mm in length and 0 – 4.5mm in width, and with auto needle threading and bobbin winding, you can focus on sewing instead of operating the machine.

Although the Uten brand is not well known compared to Brother and Singler, it’s garnered many positive reviews and continues to provide reliable cost-effective performance.

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3. Singer 6660 Low-Cost Computerised Sewing Machine

Singer Starlet 6660 sewing machine

The perfect instrument will allow your creativity to soar without breaking the bank. The Singer Starlet 6660 is a multipurpose sewing machine with a host of capabilities that will simplify and speed up common sewing tasks including hemming, embellishing, and basic sewing. Even if you’ve never used a sewing machine before, it’s a breeze to operate. This electronic sewing machine is a perfect blend of old and new, offering the best of both worlds.

The Singer 6660, with its 65W of power and 750 stitches-per-minute top speed, is a versatile machine that can be used for basic sewing as well as the addition of a broad variety of artistic touches to clothing.

The specifics are as follows: eight standard stitches, forty embellishment options, eight stretch stitches, four automatic one-step buttonholes, and eight standard buttonholes. Each stitch has been fine-tuned for the best performance and can be modified to fit your specifications with ease. 

The selected stitch can be made thinner or wider by adjusting the stitch width up to 6.5mm. You may easily alter the look of the chosen stitch by adjusting the distance between stitches, which is adjustable up to a maximum of 5mm.

The LCD screen is monochromatic, yet it displays all of your settings and stitch options clearly. Recommended stitch length and width indicators are automatically established and presented on the screen based on the selected stitch, saving you the trouble of making these choices. However, you can always make adjustments using the corresponding controls.

Different sewing procedures, including topstitching, edging, zipper attachment, piping insertion, etc., require different needle placements.

Threading the needle into the machine’s eye is a breeze with the help of the Singer sewing machine’s semi-automatic needle threader, front-loading bobbin mechanism, and manual thread tension adjustment.

It also boasts a reverse / tie-off button to help you get professional-looking results and eliminate fraying at the seam’s beginning and conclusion. Except for straight, zigzag, and buttonhole stitches, this feature enables the machine to sew four tiny stitches to finish all patterns.

The presser foot of this Singer Digital sewing machine can be set to one of three different heights for varying degrees of ease when stitching. You can stitch by bringing the lever down, inserting or removing fabric by raising it to its midway position, and sewing thick materials by raising it to its highest position.

The LED lighting and the free arm on this model are the icings on the cake. Although the LED light is not bright enough to allow for nighttime sewing, it is still quite helpful. Pull out the storage tray to gain access to the machine’s spare arm. Cuffs, collars, and trouser hems, in addition to other small or tubular hard-to-reach regions, are simple to sew thanks to the free arm.

When purchasing an inexpensive sewing machine with computer, it’s common to skip bells and whistles and focus only on the necessities. The most cutting-edge designs aren’t always necessary, especially if you’re not a skilled seamstress. 

For novices or more adept individuals who wish to learn how to sew without investing several hundred pounds, affordable computerised sewing machines are a great option. No matter your skill level, it’s simple to discover decent entry-level sewing machines with necessary but basic functionality that gets the job done!