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DIY Dwelling Joins Major Appliances

DIY Dwelling specialises in home appliance repair, renovation, and home decor advice. Whether you’re trying to solve an electric shower that’s running cold or painting a wall, the knowledgeable DIY and appliance service team is on hand to help. On 17/08/2023 DIY Dwelling migrated all their appliance on home repair content to Major Appliances. Explore some of their specialist categories below.


Looking for ways to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom? Read through these decoring articles to discover tips on choosing the right paint brush, tiling and appliance installation.


If you’re looking for advice on how to do a DIY dishwasher or washing machine installation, here’s where we can help.


Whether it’s a leaking bath tap or you’re installing an electric shower plumb in a mixer shower, we’ll take you through the steps with our team of qualified plumbers, so you can DIY with confidence.