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Best Freestanding Dishwashers

top freestanding dishwasher in kitchen

In need of some washing assistance in the kitchen? A freestanding dishwasher is an answer to the laborious chore that is “washing the dishes”.

But not all dishwashers are the same. Each varies in capacity, noise levels, energy efficiency, dimensions, drying performance, and more. There are lots of specifications and features noted with each model, which can make the buying process overwhelming.

We’ve unravelled the best freestanding dishwasher picks, made the details comprehensible, and shared them below.

When choosing these top 5 freestanding dishwashers, we focused on these categories: energy efficiency, noise level, capacity, and a number of place settings. These top features are an integral part of a dishwasher’s performance and efficiency.

We also included units with extra features, such as adjustable racks, flood-warning technology, a variety of temperature options, and a range of programmes. Here’s the winning shortlist…

1. Bosch SGS2ITW08G Series 2 Freestanding Dishwasher

bosch series 2 freestanding dishwasher

Designed to be elegant and streamlined, this Bosch dishwasher shows off simplicity at its best. There’s a lot to look at here in terms of usability. First, the machine utilizes a height-adjustable top basket that creates room to accommodate taller dishes that you might not use all the time. There’s also a special glass-protection feature that helps to preserve your drinking glasses and delicate dishes.

Bosch seems determined to prove that getting by on looks is not enough with this machine. This is evident in the EcoSilence Drive feature that equips this model with an ultra-quiet, energy-efficient motor. Adding to the efficiency angle is Bosch’s LoadSensor feature that detects the weight of each load to use a custom water level. This helps to prevent flooding and conserve energy. There’s also built-in water protection to shield your kitchen from flooding. Everyone who buys this Bosch model also gets a 10-year guarantee against rust. Here’s a rundown of the features of this ultra-practical and elegant washing machine:

  • A+ energy rating.
  • Leak protection.
  • LED salt refill indicator.
  • Dimensions are 84.5 x 60 x 60 (centimetres).
  • Adjustable-height basket.
  • Time delay up to nine hours.
  • Noise level is 50 dB.
  • Accommodates up to 12 place settings.
  • Estimated annual water consumption is 3,300 litres.

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2. Russell Hobbs 60cm Freestanding Stainless Steel Dishwasher

russell hobbs freestanding dishwasher

This ultra-efficient, highly attractive stainless steel dishwasher by the best in the business – Russel Hobs – offers everything a busy family needs to stay on top of stacks of dirty dishes. You’ll find that it’s easy to fit a variety of plates and dishes with help from adjustable plate racks and baskets. In addition to a flexible configuration for your dishes, you’re also getting tons of flexibility in how you run your loads. The dishwasher comes with six program settings and five temperature options.

A standout feature is a half-load function that allows you to save water and energy for those times when you need to run a quick load. This is also a great feature for someone who lives alone. Here’s the rundown on the specs:

  • A++ energy rating.
  • The estimated annual water consumption is 3,080 litres.
  • Accommodates up to 12 place settings.
  • The noise level is 49 dB.
  • Dimensions are 85 x 60 x 60 (centimetres).

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3. Indesit DFG 15B1 K Ecotime: Black Freestanding Dishwasher

If it’s the room you’re looking for, this dishwasher delivers with space for up to 13 place settings. This dishwasher impresses with the way it really goes after the stubborn buildup on plates and cups. Its highly intuitive interior makes it easy to place things in just the right spots. There’s also an adjustable upper basket that gives you some freedom with the placement of larger dishes.

Ultimately, you’re getting a very no-nonsense machine with slightly more room than competing designs in the same size range. Exterior touches like a shiny finish and pronounced dials give this dishwasher a classic look with a polished edge. Here’s a look at the breakdown for this beauty by Indesit:

  • A+ energy rating.
  • Dimensions are 85 x 60 x 59 (centimetres).
  • Accommodates up to 13 place settings.
  • Salt light indicator.
  • Noise level is 49 dB.

4. Hoover AXI Dishwasher

hoover axi-smart dishwasher

Ready to introduce a little AI to your kitchen? The Hoover AXI Dishwasher is a next-generation device that takes you one step closer to having a “smart” kitchen. Yes, this dishwasher actually listens to the sound of your voice to learn your habits to create a truly custom performance for every load. The machine syncs up with your home’s Wi-Fi to be controlled via Hoover’s app, Amazon or Google. A fully digital exterior display adds to this dishwasher’s futuristic feel.

It’s easy to wonder if the AXI’s true purpose gets lost in all of the fanfare of AI. The answer is that this machine delivers a solid performance. First, you’re getting a rare sanitizing feature that sterilizes dishes, pans and baby bottles at 75 degrees Celsius. You’re also getting a room for a total of 16 place settings with this dishwasher.

With room for up to 184 items per cycle, Hoover has created the roomiest dishwasher on the market. Everything fits in seamlessly with help from customizable space management. However, Hoover isn’t done impressing just yet! This model is also equipped with a “total care” basket that keeps delicate and ultra-small items safe throughout the load. While this dishwasher won’t be for everyone, it’s a top pick if you’re in the process of putting together a smart home that tailors appliance performance using voice-activated technology. Here’s a deeper look at the specs:

  • A+ energy rating.
  • Can accommodate up to 16 place settings.
  • Five programming options.
  • Salt light indicator.
  • Dimensions are 820 x 850 x 600 (inches).
  • Anticipated annual water consumption is 2,720 litres.

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5. Hotpoint HFP 4O22 WG C X Dishwasher

With room for 14 place settings, this dishwasher is a dream for busy families or chefs who entertain frequently. An adjustable upper rack takes the struggle out of getting your bigger dishes sparkling! All that space comes wrapped in an ultra-efficient, ultra-stylish package with a text display. You’ll also like the way this dishwasher offers a very seamless and industrial-inspired design if you’re putting together a modern kitchen.

This dishwasher looks out for your glassware by offering a dedicated cycle and special glass holders that prevent watermarks while delicately getting every crevice cleaned. There’s also a 3D zone wash feature that utilizes sprays from the upper and lower spray arms in conjunction with a variable-speed motor for maximum precision. Here’s a look at the features that come along with this powerhouse dishwasher:

  • A++ energy rating.
  • Accommodates up to 14 place settings.
  • Dimensions are 85 x 60 x 59 (centimetres).
  • Salt light indicator.
  • Noise level is 42 dB.
  • Nine programming options to choose from.

Freestanding Dishwasher Buying Guide

There are a few important factors you should know before splashing out on the best freestanding dishwashers. Below are the top features to help you decipher between the models above.

Energy Efficiency

The EU Energy Label for dishwashers ranges from A+++ (the most efficient) to D (the least efficient). Choosing an inefficient model can increase your energy bill by hundreds of dollars a year. Although there are things you can do to improve any unit’s efficiency—using a full load, switching it off after use, avoiding a pre-rinse—it’s helpful to have a freestanding dishwasher that’s already energy-efficient.

An energy-efficient dishwasher will typically have an eco mode. This setting decreases the water temperature and uses less water. On average, this setting will use 30 per cent less energy than a ‘normal’ mode.

However, you should also consider that these exact features that make a model energy-efficient aren’t as effective at removing stubborn stains and baked-on food. Plus, you’ll also have to skip other programmes, such as a pre-rinse or jet spray, which would ordinarily leave your plated gleaming.

If you generally don’t have dirty plates at the end of the day, this won’t be a deal-breaker. But if you’re adamant that your glasses much gleam for guests and prefer a dishwasher kitted with a filter that removes food and blasts off the stuck-on sauce, an energy-efficient model might not be a huge priority for you.

Freestanding Dishwasher Noise Level

Dishwasher noise levels are measured in decibels (dB). The lower the decibel number, the quieter the unit. Most dishwashers range between 40 and 60, with anything lower than this range being considered a quiet unit. Although a few decibels might not seem like a big difference, just one decibel can equate to being 30 per cent louder.

So, what do the numbers mean? To give you an idea, a 20dB dishwasher is the equivalent volume to leaves rustling. One ranked at 30dB is the same volume level as a whisper whereas 60dB is a normal conversation between two individuals. 70dB is a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer and 80dB is a phone ringing. Anything between 35 and 40dB is considered a silent model.

One of the biggest benefits of having a quieter dishwasher is that it won’t disrupt conversations, the TV, or family members sleeping during a cleaning session. Some extremely quiet models even feature an indicator light to notify that it’s in operation because they can be so quiet you barely realize they’re running.

There are several factors that affect a dishwasher’s noise level. For example, a model loaded with extra features—such as added jets, additional spray arms, filters, and disposal systems—require more accessories, which contributes to the machine’s sound. So, if having these features is essential to you, you’ll need to compensate for the noise level. Or you could opt for an integrated dishwasher which is quieter because of the way they are insulated behind a cupboard door and very snugly fitted.

Number of Place Settings

Place settings determine a dishwasher’s capacity. One place settings can hold a large dinner plate, one small plate, one saucer, one bowl, one cup, one glass, one knife and fork, and two teaspoons. Most full-size units hold between 12 and 16 place settings.

Opt for 14+ place settings if you have a large household and need the unit to hold more than 140 items. Otherwise, a smaller unit—up to 14 place settings—is ideal for a couple or those who prefer to load the dishwasher more regularly.

Dishwasher Programms

Finally, consider what programmes you’re looking for, or if you’d just prefer the basics. Most units will offer a standard wash, one for heavy soiling, and a quick or light mode. But more expensive models feature additional programs, such as an eco mode, pre-rinse, or sensor setting.

Sensor Setting

This fancy programme uses a built-in sensor to detect how dirty your dishes are. It’ll then configure the best temperature and wash duration. This is a great way for some extra assistance and ensuring your plates come out sparkling every time. However, bear in mind that this programme can be very energy efficient or the complete opposite.
Delay Timer

You can even opt for a delay timer, which ensures that your plates are washed and dried ready for dinnertime. There are even some models that feature a delicate wash programme. This washes delicate pieces like china plates or glasses will remain cautious during the cycle. It aims to avoid chopping or damaging any pieces.

Half-Load Feature

A half-load programme is great if you have dishes that need cleaning but you won’t fill the whole dishwasher. This setting uses around 20 per cent less water and remains energy-efficient, but should only be used for smaller loads. It’s a handy feature to have if you have limited dishes and cutlery but want them cleaned.

Additional Features

The top freestanding machines come with additional features, which although can come at an extra price, can enhance the cleaning process and make your life easier.

Child Lock

This safety feature is ideal if you have children in the house as it protects curious hands while keeping your wash cycle uninterrupted.

Smart Technology

If you love the idea of controlling your dishwasher when you’re not in the, or even the house, you’ll require a model with smart technology. Use a connected app to switch on and off the dishwasher so you return home to clean dishes.

This technology also allows you to monitor performance and check the cycle status from the app. Some units are also compatible with voice control systems such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

Smart technology can also receive alerts when the detergent is low, a wash cycle has finished, there’s a malfunction in the sensor, or detects a malfunction in the sensors.

Glass Care

This feature protects glass and delicate items from breakages and cracks. Glass care securely washes delicate items, which is great if you’ve hosted a party as you don’t have to hand-wash the items.

Time Delay

Time delay lets you control when the dishwasher begins a cycle so your dishes are clean for when you return home or it’s dinner time. Most importantly, this feature allows you to take advantage of cheaper electricity tariffs.