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Most Reliable Fridge Freezer Brand

Frost Free Fridge Freezer brands

A fridge freezer is an essential part of a kitchen and if yours has suddenly gone bust or you’re in need of a new one, we’ve discovered a selection of six reliable models by the most reputable brands.

If you’ve begun your search, you’re already aware of some of the extortionate prices and high-tech models with an array of smart features. But those fridge freezers aren’t for everyone. Instead, we’ve found basic models that are easy to operate. In fact, some of our findings handle maintenance for you, such as automatically defrosting.

We’ve included the perfect balance between large-capacity models and smaller options for couples in a confined space. In no particular order, we present the best fridge freezers based on features and brand reliability. Don’t forget to check our buying guide if you’re still on the fence about your option.

1. Haier HTR3619FNMP Frost-Free Fridge Freezer

Haier AFE635CHJ Fridge with Freezer
  • Internal LED lights
  • Total No Frost technology
  • Reversible doors

This Haier model is one of the best fridge freezers that won’t frost up. It features innovative technology for effortless maintenance. In particular, the Total No Frost technology prevents the formation of frost in your fridge freezer. This feature protects your frozen foods and prevents any unnecessary energy loss.

The fridge freezer’s reversible doors mean you can install this unit in any space. The doors allow you to install this model in any kitchen space that suits your needs, providing you with the absolute freedom you need.

Once you’ve opened the Haier fridge freezer, the easy-access drawers provide a quick and easy access way to see frozen food. The improved visibility allows you to see all of the contents without having to search through the unit. Also, the doors provide an ergonomic quality that prevents cold air from escaping when the doors are open, reducing energy wastage by up to 60 per cent.

Another highlight of this Haier model is the interior LED lighting that makes it easier to view your food compared to regular interior fridge lights. Plus, LED lights consume less energy than conventional lighting.

Finally, this fridge freezer features MyZone, a feature that’s extremely useful. With one simple touch, you can adjust the compartment’s temperature according to your needs. This makes the unit great for seafood, vegetables, and snacks.

2. Samsung RB29FSRNDSA Fridge Freezer

Samsung RB5000 Fridge Freezer
  • Cooling system for freshness
  • No Frost technology
  • Adjustable shelf heights

This highly reliable Samsung fridge freezer works smartly to work efficiently and is our best choice for under £500. In particular, it features a Digital Inverter Compressor that automatically controls the fridge’s speed compared to the cooling demand across seven levels. As a result, the fridge uses less energy, reduces wear and tear, and minimizes noise while running.

The Samsung RB5000 model will prevent a build-up of ice, thanks to the No Frost Technology. It maintains a constant temperature throughout every corner of the fridge and cools nearly twice as fast as competitive models. This keeps your food fresh for longer and prevents any constant maintenance.

The freezer section features a large opening that makes it easy to organize your food and remove items quickly. Plus, with plenty of deep space, this unit is ideal for a large household. In fact, the slide-in shelf in the fridge adds extra flexibility to your storage. This shelf slides in and out to create more storage space for taller bottles and bulky containers.

If you and your family love to eat meat and fish, you’ll love the Fresh Zone that’s a smartly-designed drawer that keeps the fridge at the optimum temperature to keep food fresher for longer, helping to preserve its flavour.

Overall, you’ll receive an all-around cooling system that cools the fridge evenly from every corner. Cold air is blown out via multiple vents on every shelf to maintain a constant temperature and keep your food fresh and crisp.

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3. Candy CVNB6182WH5KN Freestanding Fridge With Freezer

  • A+ energy efficiency rating
  • Anti-spill glass shelf
  • Transparent freezer drawers

This unit is one of the best fridge freezers to buy if you’re stuck in space. It’s a freestanding model that’s designed with style and practicality in mind. Its 111-litre fridge capacity and 62-litre freezer capacity makes it great for family use without any bulk.

This unit features an adjustable, anti-spill glass shelf, which is ideal for storing bottles without worrying that the drink will leak and create a mess. The large salad crisper is a great section for storing fruit and vegetables to ensure the ingredients remain fresh and crunchy.

You’ll also receive three transparent freezer drawers that provide easy access and full visibility of your food stored. This is great for busy individuals searching for quick ingredients on a busy weeknight.

It’s an energy-saving fridge freezer that’s been awarded an A+ energy efficiency rating. Plus, the LED lighting across all shelves lasts longer than a standard bulb and consumes up to 15 times less electricity.

Finally, this Candy freestanding fridge freezer comes equipped with an anti-frost feature. This prevents a build-up of ice inside the fridge, preventing you from having to maintain the unit. Plus, it automatically defrosts when the fridge sendings that ice is forming, saving on electricity.

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4. Hoover H1826MNB5WWKN

  • Total Frost-Free Freezer technology
  • Transparent freezer drawers
  • Built-in water dispenser

This Hoover fridge freezer isn’t short of features. Similar to the other models, it features Total No Frost technology. This system produces cold air in the freezer section that evenly distributes to the fridge section, thanks to multiple jets. In fact, this technology maintains humidity and temperature in the fridge to help your food last longer and taste fresher. It also prevents you from having to manually defrost your freezer throughout the year.

You can store a variety of items in the fridge section, including opened bottles. The adjustable spill-resistant glass shelves feature raised edges to prevent any spillages. The fridge section also comes with a handy wine rack.

You’ll also receive an extra-large, transparent salad draw to maximize your fruit and vegetable’s freshness. And for a stunning finish, this fridge freezer is designed with LED lighting at the top of the cavity to provide excellent visibility across all shelves.

The freezer section is equally as efficient, too. It comes with transparent freezer drawers that provide full visibility of your food. This is great for busy parents preparing food and reduces energy costs by spending less time with the freezer door open.

This Hoover model encourages you to increase your water intake with a built-in water dispenser. Simply fill the dispenser when required and enjoy perfectly chilled water throughout the day.

5. Fridgemaster MC55264AS Freestanding Fridge Freezer

fridgemaster 287 white fridge freezer frost free
  • 287-liter capacity
  • LED lighting throughout
  • 39 dB noise level

Fridge freezers can be noisy, but with the MC55264AS unit, that isn’t the case. With a noise level of 39 dB, you won’t experience any unwanted sounds in the middle of the night. Most impressively, this is one of the best fridge freezers for a large household with a capacity of 264 litres. This means it can hold up to 14 bags of food.

The fridge section has a handy salad crisper drawer, which is great for keeping your fruit and vegetables neat and organizes, as well as fresh and crisp. The fridge also features four-door pockets, allowing you to store bottles and sauces, as well as an egg tray for convenience.

This freestanding fridge freezer is equipped with LED lighting throughout to improve visibility at night as well as provide an energy-efficient alternative to standard light bulbs.

It comes equipped with reversible doors, which is great for fitting this fridge freezer into a confined space. Simply remove and switch the doors to open in another direction, allowing you to store this fridge freezer in every kitchen.

6. Indesit IBD 5517 S Fridge Freezer

  • 55cm width for confined spaces
  • Optimal Humidity technology
  • Large capacity compartment

Finally, this Indest fridge freezer also runs quietly, with a noise level rating of 38dB, so it won’t interrupt your conversations or sleep. Another top highlight of this unit is its small width of 55cm, which allows you to fit it into minimum spaces.

It’ll help your food to last longer and stay fresher than ever before; built with Optimal Humidity technology, the fridge freezer constantly monitors the humidity levels inside your fridge and makes any necessary tweaks. This technology helps to prevent your food from drying out. It also features a large capacity compartment to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh and crisp.

Another great feature is the Low Frost technology. This effectively prevents a build-up of frost inside your appliance. Low Frost uses a wrap-around evaporator inside the walls of the unit and glass shelves to keep it free from ice at all times. This results in fresher food and reduced maintenance.

The freezer’s net capacity of 82 litres and fridge net capacity of 153 litres makes this unit ideal for two people. Plus, with four freezer drawers, you can keep your freezer food organized according to use.

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How to Choose the Perfect Fridge Freezer for Your Kitchen

No clue which fridge freezer to choose? Take a look at this easy-to-follow buying guide to choose the best option for you.

What Size Should Your Fridge Freezer Be?

The first thing you should look into is the suitable height, depth, and width in your kitchen. While taking your measurements, take into consideration space for the door opening and make a note of the direction (fortunately, some fridge freezers come with reversible doors, so you can easily make an adjustment).

Ensure that there’s at least 2cm around the top and sides of the appliance for proper ventilation. Your fridge freezer shouldn’t be squashed right up to the walls, and make sure you can install it within 1.5 meters of the closest water source.

Storage Capacity

Next, consider the right capacity for you (and your family). Standard fridge freezers have a total storage capacity of around 200-300 liters, but larger units can store up to 500-600 liters. Consider how much room you need for your needs. Remember that a larger appliance will typically cost more to run, so bigger isn’t always better. Generally speaking, the larger the unit, the larger the interior.

Exterior and Interior Design

Next, what design do you prefer out of a freestanding or built-in fridge freezer? A freestanding appliance is the most common and least expensive appliance and is the best choice if you need to move. You also have more versatility over measurements as a freestanding unit isn’t dictated by the cabinet size. In fact, they’re available in various widths and door styles. This flexibility is appealing to most.

Alternatively, a built-in fridge freezer looks sleeker in your home and is great for a high-end kitchen design. They’re typically longer lasting and you don’t have to worry about your appliance having an outdated look. They’re limited to a width of 48 inches and are permanently installed, making them unideal for renters.


Fridge freezers are available in various layouts. First, ensure you know how much food you keep in your fridge and freezer to create the correct split for you. A 70/30 split provides you with more fridge space. A 60/40 split provides more freezer space and a 50/50 split offers equal sections.

You should also consider if you want the freezer section on the top or bottom of the fridge compartment. Choose the top section based on which area you’ll use more to prevent you from having to crouch down every day. Also bear in mind if energy efficiency is an important feature for you; top freezers use around 10-25 per cent less energy than bottom freezers, helping you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Shelves and Fixtures

Next, consider how you’d like your fridge freezer to be organized. How many drawers would you like in the freezer section that’s fitting with the amount of food you buy? You can also purchase transparent drawers that allow you to clearly see what’s available to eat without having to move everything around.

Modern fridges come with glass shelves with an anti-spill design. This feature avoids any unnecessary spillages and prevents contamination of any food below. Plus, it’s much easier to clean up any accidents.

Consider your diet when deciding on the shelves and fixtures. If you eat eggs, consider an egg rack to prevent any breakage. If you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, opt for an extra-large salad compartment and fewer shelves. Perhaps you purchase tall bottles. If so, consider taller shelves to store them upright. You should also bear in mind the number of shelves in the door to allocate large bottles and jars.

Fridge Freezer Energy Rating

In this day and age, most kitchen appliances are energy efficient, but some are more so than others. With each unit, you’ll receive an energy efficiency grade, ranging from A+++ to G.

  • A+ to A+++ provides up to 50 percent in energy savings
  • A+ to A++ provides up to 20 percent in energy savings
  • A to A+ provides up to 10 percent in energy savings

There are ways to make your appliance more energy efficient, such as opting for a frost-free version and locating the unit away from radiators or cookers, where it has to work harder to maintain a cool temperature.

Humidity and Cooling

It’s important that your chosen fridge maintains the right humidity levels. It shouldn’t be too dry or wet, as it’ll dry out the corks or lead to mould. The best appliances will maintain the optimum humidity levels and keep the air ventilation properly. A fan-cooled fridge ensures that the appliance recovers from any lost temperature when a door is opened. As a result, it keeps food fresher for longer.

Holiday Mode

To maintain freshness while you’re out of the house, many appliances come with a Holiday Mode. This setting operates in an efficient manner to save energy and help to reduce your bill. This is great if you’re often out of the house.

Frost-free Technology

Not everyone wants to spend their weekends defrosting a freezer. Fortunately, many high-end units come with frost-free technology that automatically prevents a build-up of ice in your freezer, so you don’t need to defrost. This ensures better taste and quality of your food and saves you the chore of maintenance.

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