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Gas Hob Ignition Won’t Spark


Using gas as a heat source is typically prefered over induction or electricity for cooking, but sometimes gas can fail to ignite. If your gas hob ignition won’t spark, you can always use a manual lighter to keep you cooking.

But that’s just a temporary solution. To get the spark back, you’ll need to do some troubleshooting to source the issue. It could just be that the spark terminals are dirty – worse case, you’ll need to replace the ignition system, which can be done in steps:

  1. Disconnect hob from mains electrical power
  2. Ensure all gas burner valves are on the “off” position
  3. Remove pan stands, burner caps and bases
  4. Remove the screws located under the burners
  5. Now remove the main top cover (may require some careful force)
  6. Disconnect and remove the old igniters and wires
  7. Replace with new igniters and wires
  8. Replace top cover and screws
  9. Replace burner bases, caps
  10. Switch hob mains power back on and test ignite

Troubleshoot Checklist

  • Are all rings not lighting, or just one? If it’s just one or two, then check those spark plugs so see if they are blocked by dirt, wet, or showing signs of damage.
  • If none of the rings light, make sure the hob is getting electrical power. Check fuses, circuit breaker, and isolator switch.
  • Is the burner getting a enough gas? A blocked or week gas feed can cause ignition issues.

Before Replacing The Ignition System

If the burner does not ignite, it could simply be because it is clogged with grease or dirt. Before checking that the hob is plugged in, test the ignition again. If there is still no flame, clean the burner and spark plug. If the burner does not ignite even then, the spark plug must be replaced.

Replacing Burner Spark Plugs

the following instruction is not universal across gas hobs, as there will be differences across models. With that said, the dismantling and replacement process is much the same with all gas hobs.

Remove Burners

Before replacing the spark plugs of the burner on your hob, disconnect the appliance from the power supply and shut off the gas supply by turning off the gas tap (on your natural gas pipe or on the gas bottle). Disconnecting the gas pipe is not necessary, simply a valve cut off is adequate for this fix.

You will need a screwdriver, but first…

Remove all loose parts: grill pot stands, the burners caps, and the burner ring bases to expose the screws.

Accessing the Gas Spark Plugs

Caution, if your model is equipped with an electric hotplate, you should not disconnect the cable connections under the plate. When the grilles are fixed with screws, loosen them. Also, loosen the small screws that can be seen next to the defective spark plug.

There could be 4 or 8, maybe more screws, so be sure to get them all. This can be a little tricky as they are sure to be clogged with fat. The upper part of the burner made of brass or aluminium can be removed from the base plate. Again, you may need to use some force to separate the top piece from the base plate. Scrape off anything that might stick. You now have access to the defective spark plug.

Whenever you get a chance, clean all moving parts by soaking them in hot, soapy water. This is how the fat dissolves. You can then wash them off with a sponge. Finally, wash them in the dishwasher and let them air dry.

The spark plugs are simply connected with a cable lug (small metal part connected with a cable). Pull the damaged spark plug out of the cable lug. Now you can take it out of the holder and connect the new spark plug to the cable lug with light pressure.

Put the upper part of the burner back on the base plate and tighten the screws. The new spark plug must be correctly placed in the opening provided. The grille brackets must also be screwed back onto. 

After you’ve cleaned the components that can be removed be sure that they’re dry before putting these back onto. Connect your gas hob with the pipe for gas, then turn on the gas faucet. Be sure to reconnect your device to power.

You have replaced a burner spark plug on your gas hob, if they still don’t light, you’ll need to call in a professional.