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Best Integrated Washing Machines

using top Integrated Washing Machine

Let’s face it, your washing machine is an absolute necessity. Gone are the days of hand washing and line drying, thank goodness! And integrated washers are the perfect way to bring functionality and design into your open-plan kitchen.

Though a little more expensive than freestanding models, their utility and ability to blend into your design aesthetic make them well worth the little extra out of pocket.

Integrated washing machines do have slightly fewer models available than their freestanding counterparts, but the options to choose from can still be overwhelming.

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 best integrated washing machine picks to outline all of their available features and a handy shopping guide to help you decide which one is best for your home and lifestyle.

1. Beko Integrated A+++ 7kg Washing Machine WIR725451

beko 7kg integrated washing machine

The Beko WIR725451 Integrated Washing Machine offers a long list of features and functions while still boasting a very affordable price tag. With 15 programmes, this washer will handle any laundry load you throw in. Its Fast Wash feature washes 2kg of laundry in just 14 minutes, so you can have a clean outfit in, yes, minutes! Its Quick programme for slightly larger loads will take just 28 minutes, saving you both valuable time and money.

Perfect for small families, this integrated washer has a Baby & Toddler programme which lengthens the wash time and adds in an extra rinse cycle to keep baby’s clothes soft and comfortable on their sensitive skin.

With an A+++ energy rating, it also features Automatic Water Level Reduction for smaller loads, so you only use and pay for the amount of water you actually need for the load. Save even more on your monthly bills by using their Fast+ Function to cut programme time by 55% using increased drum movement and optimised temperature control.

A Hand Wash programme, time delay start, and DrumClean programme to keep your washer fresh complete this multi-talented washer’s list of convenient features.

While it has the smallest drum capacity on our list at 7kg, it also has the lowest price and can do a full-load cycle in 195 minutes, which is the quickest full-cycle speed of the models listed, making it perfect for busy families who need a fresh load of laundry fast.

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2. Hoover H-Wash 300 HBWS49D1ACE Integrated Washing Machine

Hoover built-in washing machine-HBWN-814D-80

Another affordable option from a well-trusted brand is the Hoover Integrated Washing Machine. This efficient washer receives an A+++ for energy use and has also earned an A in both wash class and spin class.

With an 8kg capacity and not one, but three rapid wash programmes running 14-, 30-, or 44-minutes, this integrated washer by Hoover is an excellent option for laundry doers on the go.

For effortless cycle selection, the KG Mode measures the type of laundry load and automatically adjusts the wash appropriately, getting you the best clean possible without any wasted water or energy.

With a 1400rpm spin speed, it dries as well as a machine with a 1600rpm, removing 44% of residual moisture and allowing your laundry to spend less time in the dryer and more time being worn by you. Its delayed start feature, high energy rating, quick wash options, and excellent spin class make the Hoover H-Wash an excellent integrated washing machine with an affordable price tag.

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3. Bosch Serie 8 Built-In Washing Machine

Bosch Built-in-washing-machine Serie 8

Bosch makes the list of top appliances nearly every time and the reliable Bosch Serie 8 Integrated Washing Machine is no exception. Though it comes with the highest price tag on our list, it also has a lot to offer. With its EcoSilence drive and AntiVibration design, it is the quietest machine on our list and a Night Wash program reduces the noise level even further to prevent any unwanted nighttime disruption.

The convenient reload function allows you to add forgotten items to the wash mid-load. So if you spot a lost sock on the stairs after you’ve already started a load, you can pause the cycle and add it without starting over.

It boasts an A+++ energy rating and their ActiveWater technology reduces water usage and energy cost with a touchless sensor that adjusts to the laundry load automatically. Using only 137 kWh/annum energy, this is the most energy-efficient integrated washer on our list.

Its 10-year warranty and AquaStop protection against water damage to your home round out this highly efficient washer’s robust list of features and make the Serie 8 an excellent pick for families needing a multi-functional built-in washing machine with next to silent cleaning capabilities.

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4. CANDY CBWM816D-80 Fully Integrated Washing Machine

CBWM-816D-80 fully integrated

Another 8kg integrated washing machine is the Candy CBWM816D-80 which comes fully equipped with 17 programmes, an A+++ energy rating, and an A grade in both spin and washing class. A 1600rpm variable spin speed is the highest on our list and it leaves only 44% of residual moisture in your clothes, resulting in less work for your dryer.

For those needing a quick wash, Candy’s integrated washing machine features a 14-minute wash for 1.5kg of clothes or a Daily 59 programme that cleans a 3kg load of laundry in just under an hour.

Their Hygiene+ wash programme keeps a consistent 60°C throughout the entire cycle for deep cleaning and Baby Wash feature also uses a 60°C water temperature to remove allergens and irritants for the baby’s sensitive skin.

As if that weren’t enough, this top feature-packed washing machine also includes Stain Level Adjustment, which allows you to choose from three different wash intensities depending on how deep the stains are and the Easy Iron setting has a lower spin speed for the final spin, causing fewer creases and less time spent at your ironing board.

The Candy Integrated Washing Machine is an optimal choice for laundry doers wanting lots of wash options, low energy cost, and an affordable price tag.

5. Indesit BI WMIL 91484 UK 9KG Integrated Washing Machine

Indesit-BI-WMIL-91484-UK washer

If you feel like you’re constantly filling your washing machine to the brim and still need to do more, the integrated washer with the largest capacity on our list is the Indesit BI WMIL 91484.

With a hefty 9kg capacity drum and an A+++ energy rating, reducing energy consumption by around 30%, it’s perfect for big families that need to wash a lot of clothes without also spending a lot on energy bills. Its Water Balance Plus feature adapts water usage to the cycle size, keeping water waste to a minimum.

If you’ve got an extensive wardrobe, including suits, sportswear, and knits, this versatile machine has got you covered. It is Woolmark certified and will keep your delicate clothing wearable and fresh without stretching or losing shape. The Mix Coloured cycle allows you to wash different fabrics and colours at once in a safe 40°C temperature, keeping colours vivid and your wide selection of clothes looking like new.

A Sports program and Synthetics cycle mean this machine can handle the safe and effective cleaning of every article in your closet.

Finally, the Autoclean cycle keeps this efficient and functional washer running at its best so you can focus on the tasks that are more important than cleaning your washing machine. Which is every other task on your list, am I right?

Choosing the Best Integrated Washing Machine for Your Money

Now that we’ve reviewed all the features you can find in an integrated washer, how will you choose which one is right for your home and lifestyle? Read our handy buying guide below which details the most important functions and features to help make the decision a little easier.

Integrated vs. Freestanding

An integrated washing machine will fit seamlessly into your room’s aesthetic because its flat front is designed to attach to your kitchen cabinet, allowing you to keep the clean look you envisioned throughout the entire room. Freestanding models do not attach to any part of your kitchen or cabinets and are, as the name suggests, stand-alone appliances that plug into the wall and nothing more.

Freestanding models are more common and slightly less expensive, but they aren’t designed to be incorporated into and flush with your kitchen cabinets the way integrated models are.

Size & Capacity

Most integrated washers are 60cm wide by 85cm high. You may find some wiggle room in the width, but for the most part, you’re going to need those dimensions for installation. Integrated washing machine capacity will vary from about 5kg to 9kg, which is the maximum weight of a full laundry load that the machine can handle. For reference, an 8kg capacity washer can efficiently wash about 8 bath towels per cycle.

Our tip: Size does not always equate to efficiency. The Bosch model listed above has an 8kg capacity but uses less energy per year than some of the smaller models. In return, you pay a higher price. If you’ve got a big family and want to save on energy costs, spending a little extra up-front will get you an energy-efficient machine big enough to handle everyone’s clothes.

Washing Machine Spin Speed

The spin speed of an integrated washer refers to the number of times your washer-dryer spins per minute to remove excess moisture from your clothing before they head to the dryer. Spin speeds range from 1200rpm to 1600rpm. Some higher-end models also offer variable spin speeds which spin at a different speed depending on the kind of clothes in the cycle, keeping them damage-free and longer wearing.

Our tip: A faster spin speed is not always better. Most models will leave around 44% to 53% residual moisture in your clothes. The lower the per cent of residual moisture, the quicker the dry time. The Hoover listed above has a 1400rpm spin speed and still leaves only 44% moisture, as good as a 1600rpm model, except with a lower price tag.

Washing Programs & Functions

Integrated washers do so much more than just light, heavy, and normal laundry cycles. You can find models with individual programs to remove allergens, freshen sport-fabrics, gently wash baby clothes, and even programs that weigh your laundry to give the most energy-efficient wash.

Our Tip: Download the washer-dryer model’s instruction manual online to review the programs and their features. Pay special attention to the cycle time for each program. Eco programs, while costing less in energy, will take longer to run than other cycles

Energy Rating and Water Usage

Integrated washers are rated A+++ to D. The higher the grade, the more energy-efficient and cost-effective your washer will be. Most integrated models feature an Eco cycle, which will save you the most money. Eco programmes run with lower temperature water (usually 50°C) and full-cycle run times will take longer, but the savings on your monthly bills and in energy use are worth it

Our tip: Go with an A+++ rated model. Even the more affordable washing machines we’ve seen have this rating and going much lower won’t be worth the lower up-front cost when you see higher utility bills each month.

Noise When Spinning

Washing machines in general are hard workers and their motors are going to create some vibration and noise. Integrated washers are no exception. You’ll want to review the noise level for both the wash and spin cycles, knowing that the spin cycle will be louder.

Even with the near-silent motors in most new models, the spin cycle is going to be noticeable, but you can do some research to get the quietest model you can afford. The average noise levels for the wash cycle are around 40-60 decibels and 65-80 decibels for the spin. With only a small variance in noise levels, most of these washers are very quiet machines.

A point worth making here is that integrated washing machines are generally quieter because they integrate behind a cupboard door, and fit tightly between units, which provides extra sound insulation that freestanding machines don’t benefit from.

Our tip: Though the loudest part of the wash, keep in mind that the spin cycle is also quite short. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford the quietest model, a 70-decibel spin cycle is completely manageable even in small kitchens.

An integrated washer is an ideal choice for those who want to keep this hard-working appliance out of sight. Choose the model that best fits your home and lifestyle and enjoy having clean fresh clothes without sacrificing the look of your home.