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Is the Karcher Window Vac Any Good?

reviewing a karcher window vac

The German Karcher brand is the founder of the original window vac concept. Their range of designs is simple and affordable, while others are powerful enough for cleaning professionals. We’ve taken a close look at their entire range, so you can decide which is best for you.

These handheld window vacuum cleaners are designed to remove moisture and dirt from smooth surfaces. One of the big problems with window cleaning is that the water can leave streaks if it isn’t dried immediately. By vacuuming up the moisture instead, you get a streak-free shine and improve cleaning by removing dirty water residue.

Some of the Karcher models come with cleaning kits that include spray bottles, microfibre cloths, abrasion cloths, and concentrated window cleaning solutions. Let’s dive into our Karcher window vac reviews, with our list starting with their best offering, ranked first.

1. WV 6 Premium Karcher Window Vac

WV6 premium Karcher window vac

The WV 6 Premium is the most advanced of Karcher’s window vac offerings. It has more features and better cleaning power than the other window vacs. As such, it also has the highest price, although it’s still affordable.

This top window vacuum is equipped with a liquid silicone lip. It also includes a digital display that can give you minute-by-minute updates for up to 100 minutes, along with a few other accessories.

The vacuum removes moisture from flat surfaces, leaving them clean and free of streaks. Because the model runs on battery power rather than using a cord, you can use it for the windows in both your home and your car.

Streaky windshields are a big problem when soapy water isn’t given a chance to dry. This window vac makes cleaning your windshield easy, especially since the battery lasts for 100 minutes per charge.

Tests have shown that the vacuum can clean 300 square meters with one charge. You’ll probably be able to do your car windows, your home windows, and many of the surfaces in your bathroom without ever losing power.

In addition to working well on the glass of windows and windshields, this window vac can prevent streaks on:

  • Shower screens
  • Kitchen and bathroom tiles
  • Steamed up mirrors
  • Tables
  • Smooth surfaces with too much condensation
  • And can be used for spillage clean up

Since the LED screen gives you minute-by-minute updates on the battery life, you can budget enough time to get your most important cleaning done. The model has a faster charger than other Karcher window vacs. It takes about 170 minutes to charge, so you don’t have to wait as long to get back to work.

In addition, the dirty water tank is 50 per cent larger than that of the other models. The dirty water tank functions like the dustbin on a traditional vacuum. The larger it is, the more surface you can clean before needing to dump it.

You can switch between the included 170 and 280-millimetre suction heads depending on the surface. Also included are a microfibre cloth, a high-quality spray bottle, and 280 millilitres of concentrated window cleaner.

An abrasive cloth is also offered to help remove stuck-on grime with its rough surface. When that doesn’t work, the included dirt scraping tool will.

The silicone lip gives the window vacuum a new reach. It can move from the top of a window to the bottom without leaving any cracks or corners unfinished.

Maintenance is also easy thanks to an easily-emptied container and removable blade. After use, you can pull the blade out and clean it.

2. Karcher WV 5 Plus N Window Vacuum

Karcher WV-5 review of window vacuum

The WV 5 Plus N is another one of the more advanced offerings from Karcher. The handheld window vac can be used on a variety of surfaces. Though it doesn’t match the previous option’s 100 minutes of runtime, it is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that lasts for a maximum of 35 minutes.

Thirty-five minutes is quite a long time when you’re just cleaning windows and bathrooms. Unless you have an exceptionally big house, you should have plenty of time to clear the grime and get a streak-free shine.

The product comes with a two-year warranty. If you purchase directly from Karcher, that extends to three years. The company will repair or replace the product if it breaks during that period.

Included with the purchase are a spray bottle and 20 millilitres of concentrated window cleaner. You can dilute it with water, put it in the spray bottle, and get to work. First, you’ll spray the surface, then scrub it with the included microfibre cloth, and then dry it with the window vac.

If you want an uninterrupted cleaning experience, you also have the option to purchase a spare battery. With that said, the original purchase only includes one battery.

The battery indicator lights will let you know when the charge is low. There’s also an edge guidance system that makes it easy to clean along the edges of windows without missing any corners. You can manually adjust the edges to clean the entire surface. Since the battery is removable, charging is easy.

Like the previous model, this window vac comes with 170 and 280-millimetre suction heads. It also has an easy-open water tank.

The design is relatively quiet, with its maximum noise level being measured at 53 decibels. The battery takes about 185 minutes to reach a full charge, just a little longer than the previous entry.

3. Karcher WV 2 Review

Kärcher wv2 review

The WV 2 Karcher window vac is one of the most affordable options from Karcher, but it still has the extra features you’d want in a high-quality product. The model offers up to 35 minutes of sustained battery life with one charge. Testers have been able to clean 75 windows with just one charge.

Like the other products, this window vac has a two-year warranty that can be lengthened if you buy directly from Karcher.

It can be used on any moist and flat surface. As such, it can be used to remove condensation and to prevent potential mould from growing in bathrooms. You can use it on your smooth floors, mirrors, and windows. It can even work for vehicle windows.

Unlike the previous two options, this window vac doesn’t come with a cleaning kit. You’ll need to use your own spray bottle, detergent, and cloth instead of using the included window cleaning concentrate. But if you already have window cleaning supplies, that’s not a huge loss.

It’s easy to empty the tank. All you need to do is open it and pour the water out in your seat.

As with the previous two models, you’re given 170 and 280-millimetre suction heads that can be interchanged. The 280 millimetre works for larger surfaces, while the smaller suction head is ideal for more precise areas.

The LED battery indicator display has three levels to tell you when the battery is low. Meanwhile, the machine operates at noise levels of less than 54 decibels, and it’s capable of cleaning the entire window surface.

The biggest difference between this model and the WV 5 Plus N is the lack of edge guidance tools. There is no way to manually adjust the edges of your vac, so it may be hard to dry the harder-to-reach places in your home.

4. WV 1: Cheap Kärcher Window Vac

handheld karcher-wv1

The WV 1 is the most affordable window vac option. Like the others, it comes with a three-year warranty when you buy directly from Karcher, and a two-year warranty when you don’t.

If you’re looking for a very basic window vac that does the job without breaking the bank, this is your best bet. It works well for people who don’t have many surfaces to clean or who don’t clean often enough to warrant an expensive purchase.

In addition to drying your clean windows, the vacuum can also be used for condensation. If your car windows are fogging up, the vacuum can help with that. It can also remove moisture from smooth bathroom surfaces to prevent the growth of mould or mildew.

Unlike the other Kärcher window vacuums, this model has just one 250 millimetre suction head. It isn’t detachable and can’t be exchanged with other pieces. This means that it will take a little longer to clean large surfaces, and it might be more difficult to manoeuvre around smaller surfaces.

The lithium-ion battery has a charge that can last 25 minutes. Testers have been able to clean 70 square metres with a single charge. While this isn’t the whopping 300 metres of the WV 5, it is suitable for small bathrooms, small apartments, and the average vehicle.

Like the other models, the design is lightweight and compact. It’s also rated for use with every smooth surface, able to clean to the bottom of a window. The LED battery indicator lets you know when it’s time to charge.

This is the lightest window vac Karcher offers in terms of weight. It weighs just half a kilogram including the battery, so you’re unlikely to get tired while you hold it up.

5. Karcher Accessories: WV Evolution Extension Set

Kärcher accessories

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This extension set is a great accessory to any Katcher window vac, and can be used with every model from Karcher. It works by attaching to the handle so you can extend your reach. The set allows you to reach 1.5 metres further, making it easy to clean under furniture or to wipe high-rise windows. If you have any sorely neglected skylights, the extension set may be perfect for you.

The set comes with a manually adjustable range. You can set it on a scale from 0.6 metres to 1.5 metres. Another great feature is the adjustable head, which lets you change the angle of the window vac. By doing this, you can clean under surfaces or on top of shelves without needing to bend down or use a ladder.

The extension set is just one piece, so it doesn’t require any complicated assembly. It will add a little weight to your window vac, as it weighs slightly less than a kilogram. However, since the window vacs are all lightweight, to begin with, it’s unlikely to cause any strain.

In addition to being compatible with all of Karcher’s window vacs, the design is also compatible with the KV 4 Vibrapad from Karcher.