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Why is My LG Washing Machine Leaking from Underneath

washing machine leaking water

1. Check LG Water Inlet Hose

Leaky LG water inlet hose

Your LG washing machine is fed water through a hose connected to the main supply. This hose can degrade over time, typically in two places – connection points (where the hose screw into the appliance or plumbing) or the hose body.

Although your LG washing machine appears to be flooding underneath, the source of the leak can be anywhere on the machine, even at the top back where the hose connects.

Inspect your LG hose periodically, and replace it if they develop cracks, abrasions, or any other damage.

The first thing to check when your LG washing machine springs a leak is the water hose inlet point at the back of the machine.

  • Is the connection point completely dry?
  • Is there any sign of water, even a drip around the screw connector?

There is a gasket (rubber washer) on both ends of the water supply hose. These two gasket washers look like rubber rings inside the screw cap and have the potential to loosen or split over time.

If this appears to be the source of your LG machine leak, simply replace the rubber gaskets and the leak should stop.

2. Check LG Door Seal


The rubber door seal could also be the source of a leak in your LG washing machine. These door seals can develop rips or punctures that allow water to run down the inside of the machine and onto the floor. A small trickle of water could be running down the outside of your LG washing machine resulting in water pooling at the bottom.

The LG door’s glass presses against the flange to form a watertight seal when it is closed. Small pieces can break off, or the rubber can become warped and deteriorate.

Also, the water-tight seal can become broken if there is something stuck between the LG glass door and the seal. Inspect for any logged intel of clothing or some hard item that could have found its way there from a pocket.

In the absence of obvious wear on the door and inner seal, cleaning the area of the door glass and rubber seal can improve the water resistance, so make sure the LG machine door and seal are kept clean and clear of debris.

A LG machine door leak might be caused by anything from a sock to a clump of undissolved laundry detergent, or a split in the rubber – inspect and address any damage.

3. Check LG Drawer for Blockage

One of the first stages of your 8 washing machine is to fill the washing machine drawer with water. This will mix the pre-wash detergent into the load, if you have some. Whether there is pre-wash or not, the drawer will fill with water, then on the main wash cycle, the drawer will fill again.

If your LG drawer has a blockage, the water can overflow and work its way down the inside of the machine and into the floor.
Remove the LG washing machine drawer and clean it with hot water, clearing any clumps of soap or dirt.

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4. Check LG Drain Hose

It’s also possible that water is accumulating behind or under the LG washing machine due to a malfunctioning drain hose. Inspect the drain pipe frequently for signs of wear and tear – splits, cracks, or holes.

The pump in your LG machine will force the dirty water to exit the machine via the drain pipe. If your hose is leaking or clogged, you should get a new one before unclean water starts dripping onto the floor.

These four possible leak points apply to all LG washing machines. Including models LG TrueSteam FH4G1BCS2 and LG EZDispense V11 F4V1112BTSA.

LG EZDispanse washing machine leaking