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5 Best Mixer Showers of 2023

best rated mixer shower

Most people either start or end their day with a shower. Whether you need a quick wash and rinse first thing in the morning to wake up or need to clean the day’s grime off at night before bed, your shower is one of the most important parts of your day. Why not make it as relaxing and soothing as possible by having your shower head do all the work for you?

A mixer shower, unlike other shower styles, combines your hot water and cold water for you, before it enters the shower head, so that it comes out at the exact temperature you like without having to fuss with multiple knobs or hide the heating element behind bulky plastic casing. A sleek, clean appearance with a more convenient operation is exactly why mixer showers are popular in today’s top-designed bathrooms.

Less fiddling with water controls, better-looking design, and comfortable water temperature?

Yes, please. Sign me up!

Below you’ll find our list of the best mixer showers for purchase in your home bathroom. While we’ve narrowed the options down some for you, we’ve also included a handy buying guide at the end so you can decide exactly which mixer shower is best for your bathroom.

1. Bristan QD SHXDIVFF C Quadrato Mixed Shower

bristan QD mixer shower

The Bristan QD C Quadrato mixer shower has a clean and sleek look with a high-shine chrome finish. Its square shower head and handset have a modern feel that will fit any bathroom design. Use the bar-style adjuster to control your water temperature and water pressure flow separately for a perfect shower every time.

With a thermostatic design, it is perfect for families with children as it will keep the water temperature at a pre-set 38°C and will automatically shut off if there is hot or cold water failure. You’ll never have to worry about being scalded when someone flushes the toilet or becoming an icicle if someone decides to run the dishwasher mid-shampoo. An easy-to-install wall mount fixing kit and a 5-year manufacturer warranty make this mixer shower a reliable choice for your home bathroom.

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2. Rainsworth Ceiling Mounted Mixer Shower Combo Set

rain mixer shower set

A ceiling-mounted mixer shower, this Rainsworth Mixer Shower Combo is a stylish set for a modern bathroom. Its matte black finish is corrosion and rust-resistant as well as electroplated to prevent fading, making it as durable as it is good-looking. But in case you do run into any issues, a 5-year limited warranty means they will replace or repair your product should the need arise.

The 10-inch, square rain shower head sways softly during your shower and uses Air Injection Technology to combine air pressure and water for a natural rainfall experience. The silicone nozzles on the shower head prevent water scaling and the convenient one-turn dial to switch from shower head to handset makes it easy and quick to switch to your preferred shower output.


3. Tailored-Plumb Concealed Thermostatic Shower Mixer

tailored plumbed thermostatic mixer shower

A well-constructed and clean-look shower system, this mixer shower from Tailored-Plumb is a quality choice. A shiny chrome finish and easy-to-use knobs make this mixer shower a classic addition to your bathroom. Each of the three-round knobs adjusts an element for a perfect shower experience. One dial allows you to select your preferred flow on the showerhead, a second will adjust the flow for the handset, and the third will adjust the water to your perfect temperature.

Crafted to be rust-resistant from durable brass and chrome-plated stainless steel, this mixer shower is long-lasting and reliable. A great selection for those looking for a simple to use and functional mixer shower.

4. Solepearl Thermostat Mixer Shower System

circular shower head mixer

A budget-friendly thermostatic mixer shower, the Solepearl Thermostat Shower System keeps the temperature at a safe and comfortable 38°C to prevent scalding from water failure or careless family members. A shiny chrome finish and a bar-style mixer control to select your optimal temperature and water pressure flow give you a perfectly controlled shower every single day.

Designed using chrome-plated, solid brass construction, this shower resists rusting and water corrosion. The adjustable round showerhead features 72 nozzles for an enjoyable rainfall feel. Control both the flow of water and the temperature in the convenient bar-style handle to give everyone in the family a perfect shower each time.

This shower system has many of the same great features as the top mixer showers on our list, but also has a very agreeable price tag and a 10-year warranty and lifetime technical support. An affordable option with great service, what more could you ask for?

5. Mira Plumb Thermostatic Dual Control Overhead Rain Shower

Mira Plumb Thermostatic Overhead Rain Shower

A second thermostatic mixer shower with a very affordable price, the Mira 1.1901.002 Honesty Thermostatic Dual Control Overhead Rain Shower has the lowest price on our list. Don’t let that fool you, though. This mixer shower provides anti-scald protection, staying at a comfortable 38°C regardless of water usage in other rooms of your home, a high-shine chrome finish, and an easy-fit fixing kit for simple home installation.

A square overhead rainfall shower head and a second square-shaped handset can both be adjusted using the bar control for optimal water flow and temperature. Stainless steel construction and a fail-safe shut-off to keep you safe in case of hot or cold water outages, this durable Mira mixer shower is an affordable pick for quality and function.

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Mixer Shower Buying Guide


Now that we’ve covered our favourite mixer showers and all the features they offer, let’s discuss how to select the right one for your home and bathroom. First, we will explain how mixer showers work and then discuss the features available so you can make the most educated decision. You’ll want to think about your current plumbing situation, who in your family will use the shower, what style controls you like, and what design best fits your bathroom.

What is a mixer shower?

Mixer showers combine the water from both hot and cold water supplies (note that both water supplies are necessary for a mixer shower to be installed) before the water hits your shower head to create your optimal water temperature with the twist of one control dial. A sleek look, uncomplicated installation, and compatibility with most plumbing systems make mixer showers a very popular choice for many family bathrooms.

Water Pressure and Plumbing Compatibility

The first thing you’ll want to check before installing a new mixer shower is your water pressure. Many of the mixer showers on our list require specific minimum bar pressure to install. Many of the mixer showers on our list require specific minimum bar pressure to install. You’ll also want to ensure that your current plumbing setup is compatible with the shower system you want to purchase. Your plumbing setup will likely fall into one of the following categories:

  • Low-Pressure Gravity Fed – A large water tank stored on the roof of your home and hot water heater concealed in a cupboard inside your home.
  • High-Pressure Gravity Fed – The same setup as a low-pressure gravity-fed system, but using a pump to increase pressure and allow for multiple showers within the home to have higher water pressure.
  • Unvented High Pressure – A wall-hung boiler and a hot water tank, but no cold-water tank, inside your home.
  • Combination Boiler High Pressure – A tankless, wall-hung boiler providing hot water on demand.

Mixer shower systems will list the types of plumbing they are compatible with on the product details page. Most will work with all plumbing setups and will be easy to install, but it would be wise to double-check and to contact the manufacturer if you’re unsure before you purchase and try to install it yourself.

Thermostatic Function

This feature is a must for families, especially with children or elderly family members. A thermostatic valve keeps the water at the optimal temperature, most often 38°C, no matter what else is going on in your home. If someone flushes the toilet, you won’t get spattered with scalding water and if someone chooses to wash the dishes, you’ll still have warm water and won’t be blasted with cold from the shower head.

Some models do allow you to easily override the pre-set temperature up to 46°C, so if you’re living without kids and enjoy an extra steamy shower, you still can. Taking it a step further, some mixer shower systems also have a fail-safe shut-off that will turn the shower off in case of hot or cold water failure to prevent scalding or cold bursts of water.

Design and Construction Materials

The most rust and corrosion-resistant models will be constructed from brass, which is durable and long-lasting. They will likely then be plated with a more stylish material like high-shine, polished chrome or a matte finish to fit your bathroom’s design aesthetic. Look for models that feature high-quality construction not only on the exterior but in the interior components, such as bolts and valves, as well.

Output Options and Styles

Our list’s choices are all equipped with both a shower head and a handset output. Most shower heads can be adjusted slightly to achieve the ideal angle, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes with various nozzles for high-pressure blasts or relaxing, rainy flows. Pick the one that’s the most functional for your house and lifestyle, keeping in mind that different models will have different levels of difficulty during installation.

A fixed shower head will be installed into either your shower wall or ceiling. As the name suggests, it is in a fixed position and, wherever you install it, it stays. A second option involves a base that connects to your shower wall and the shower head arches above your head. Most will adjust for the perfect angle depending on your height, as well.

The handsets attach to the mixer shower base with a hose and a simple switch of a dial will allow you to change from showerhead to handset with ease.

Controls for Temperature and Flow

Mixer showers come with dials, levers, or bar-style controls. These controls allow you to adjust the water to your perfect temperature and also to your optimal water flow pressure. By adjusting one dial, you’ll increase or decrease the temperature, another dial will make the pressure harder or softer, and finally, you’ll also have control to switch from shower head to handset output.

Choosing which control style is best for you will depend on your design aesthetic alone. Since they all function in relatively the same way, you can base your decision on which dial style looks best in your bathroom.

Additional Mixer Shower Features

While we’ve covered the basics of a mixer shower, some come with even more features, if you can believe it.

  • Multiple shower head sprays – Gently massage your scalp or use high-pressure jet settings to massage away tension in your back after a long day.
  • Air Technology – Featured in the Rainsworth model in our above list, some shower heads use air pressure through the nozzles to provide a great flow even with low water pressure shower plumbing systems.
  • Digital LED display – Use a digital control to select the absolute perfect water temperature with no guesswork and handle-tampering required.
  • Warranty – Most quality mixer shower systems will come with a 5- or 10-year warranty. Even some of the most affordable options have this and the peace of mind is worth it.
  • Smart options – Yes, even showers come with smart options now. Create personalized shower programs for each member of your family and use your smart home device like Alexa or Google Home to control your shower experience.

Review our top picks for the best mixer shower and our helpful buying guide before making a shower system decision.

Whether you’re looking for a classic and simple mixer shower with basic functions, or something with all the bells and whistles for your new, luxury bathroom, we hope you’ll be able to wake up or wind down with a soothing, comfortable shower anytime you want.