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Most Reliable Washing Machine Brand

large family using washing machine best

The most labour-saving household appliance of all time has to be the washing machine. But if yours is becoming dated and isn’t energy-efficient or your clothes are still stained after a cycle, it’s maybe time to renew your machine.

There’s a plethora to choose from that suits your household, preferences, and budget. Some top features include an AddWash, low noise rating, eco mode, and powerful water jets. But the list of the best features goes on.

With plenty of high-tech options, we understand it can be complex to discover the best brand. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of presenting a list of the top models 2023 has to offer.

We’ve sifted through the most popular and reliable brands on the Internet to determine the top five best washing machines. Our findings are based on noise level, number of programmes offered, eco-friendly modes, value for money, and of course, washing efficiency.

1. Samsung WW90T4540AX/E WW5000 9KG Freestanding Smart Washing Machine

best family samsung washing machine 9kg
  • Acusting Class A with low 53 dB noise level rating
  • Ecobubble technology to mix air, water, and detergent
  • 59-minute cleaning cycle
  • Strong 9kg load capacity for larger family
  • Reliable daily washing with the trusted Samsung brand
  • “AddWash” feature – add more clothes to a current wash cycle
  • Eco Friendly A+++ rating saving on family energy bill
  • “Smart Control” – Turn your smart phone into a remote control

This 9KG Samsung washing machine can make you begin to feel like anything is possible once you realize that you can open the door to add to a load that’s already in progress. It actually gets even more magical after that! This machine syncs up with Samsung’s mobile app to let you check in on your loads from the next room. That means you can “get the laundry done” while sitting on the sofa or getting work done in the home office. This beautiful design features a crystal-gloss door in an ocean-blue shade.

This washing machine can make you begin to feel like anything is possible once you realize that you can open the door to add to a load that’s already in progress! It actually gets even more magical after that! This machine syncs up with Samsung’s mobile app to let you check in on your loads from the next room. That means you can “get the laundry done” while sitting on the sofa or getting work done in the home office. This beautiful design features a crystal-gloss door in an ocean-blue shade.

This machine runs on what you might call bubble power. Samsung’s efficient ecobubble™ technology uses a mix of air, water and laundry detergent to get deep into the fibres of your clothing. The result is a faster wash that can be done at cooler temperatures.

Samsung’s big claim to fame with this machine is that you can get loads done in under an hour using a combo of a twin water supply and spin speed rinse. If you’re going after stains, you can select a special 30-minute bubble soak. Here’s a look at the specs:

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2. Bosch WAU28T64GB Serie 6 Family Washing Machine

Bosch-WAT28371GB washing machine family of 4

If it’s a quiet washing machine you’re looking for, this Bosch model has a lot of appeal due to its innovative, sound-conscious design. The exclusive EcoSilence Drive feature replaces that familiar rumble of a load with near silence. There’s also close to zero vibration.

The quietness and aesthetic appeal of this washing machine combine to make it a top pick if you’re shopping for a model that can be placed in a high-visibility laundry area. In addition to being quiet, this machine is gentle. Bosch uses an ultra-unique wave-drum design with this model to create a very gentle washing system that treats your clothing like delicate strands of gems.

Every amazing feature that’s found on this Bosch model of washing machine is powered using less energy. Bosch achieves this feat through its ActiveWater system for reduced water consumption in conjunction with sensor-controlled load adjustments. It all adds up to the right amount of water and power for the specific load you’re running.

This is a seriously robust and reliable machine, built by the best in the business – Bosch. Making it the ideal choice for busy families of 4 – 6 who need daily washings.

Let’s run through the specs on this state-of-the-art washing machine:

  • 49 dB whisper-quiet sound level
  • Doesn’t damage, crease, or stretch clothes
  • Reload function to add forgot clothes to a current cycle
  • High quality Bosch brand (premium components and built to last)
  • Handles heavy 9-kg loads easily
  • Ideal for larger families and reliable daily use

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3. Beko – Best 9kg Washing Machine for Family of 5

beko 9kg washing machine for family of 5
  • AquaTech is kinder to your clothes
  • Whopping 9-kg load capacity
  • Steam feature cuts down on the need to iron
  • Internal drum light for visibility
  • Anti-allergy program
  • Control and monitor with Bluetooth connectivity

Beko has whipped up a tech-heavy machine full of classic features with this washer. What’s impressive about this design is that Beko has replaced vigorous drum movements with water power. The result is a fast and gentle cycle that delivers sparkling results. What’s more, a new “steam cure” setting actually fights creases on contact to cut down on your need to iron.

A full load goes through in just 28 minutes with this washer. One unexpected feature is an ultra-bright interior drum light that just might be the antidote to the “lost sock” problem. This machine can connect to your phone’s Bluetooth for load scheduling and other features. Here’s a glance at all the key features:

It features an internal drum light, meaning loading and unloading in the dark is no problem – fewer items being left behind in the washing machine.

This Beko model comes with plenty of programmes, including an anti-allergy cycle. This is great for pet owners or those living with allergies or asthma sufferers. In particular, it reduces the number of allergens, bacteria, and fungi left behind in your clothes. Finally, the quick programme allows you to thoroughly clean your clothes in under 30 minutes.

4. Indesit MyTime BWE 91496X Washer

indesit My Time washing machine
  • Half Load function
  • An array of programmes
  • High spin speed for clean, dryer clothes
  • Impressive 9kg cycle capacity

With great cycle features, and will under £400, this is one of the UK’s best-selling washing machines. For example, the extra wash cycle is ideal for dried, stubborn stains as it leaves clothes stain-free and clean. The Cotton 40 programme provides extra care for cotton items at 40 degrees while also removing stubborn stains.

If frills don’t matter, this Indesit is a solid choice. This washer does a good job of pulling from its own resources to create a very simple and effective washing strategy. However, it doesn’t offer features like a smooth console or tech-activated options like some of the fancier models out there. Let’s talk about what it does have.

This washer runs through cycles in less than an hour. In addition to fabric-specific load options, you’re getting a special programming option to preserve delicate knitted items. There’s also a special water-balance feature that weighs all of your loads to adjust your cycle settings. You’re also likely to appreciate this machine’s wide portal for easy loading and motioning.

5. Hoover H-Wash 500 HW68AMC Freestanding Washing Machine

Hoover Dynamic Next
  • 48 dB whisper-quiet noise rating
  • Dynamic Next Out Touch lets you mix colors and fabrics
  • Steam Refresh function reduces creases for quicker ironing
  • 8-kg drum capacity and no need for separate loads
  • Idealy suited to family with regular washing
  • Eco friendly A+++ energy rating

Hoover has created a high-end washer that delivers on looks and performance with its Dynamic Next model. Designed for busy people, this machine allows you to mix fabrics and colours in a full load that will be done in less than an hour!

Yes, that means various cotton, fabrics and synthetics can all be washed together at low temperatures for maximum efficiency. It does it all almost completely saliently. This model offers one of the lowest dB levels ever achieved with help from inverter motors. That makes it a great choice if you’re looking for a washing machine that you can put on the main level of your home without worrying about constant sounds coming from your laundry room.

The display on this washer is just a touch below being a work of art. You’ll be able to control everything using a set of touch displays and colour-based controls. You can also keep tabs on your loads by connecting your washer to your phone using the Hoover app.

With this design, Hoover throws in a lot of options for customizing your loads for maximum performance and efficiency based on what you’re washing. There’s also a steam function that strategically releases steam at the end of the cycle to decrease your odds of actually having to iron. Here’s a look at the specs on this premium washing machine:

How to Choose the Best Washing Machine to Buy

Not every household has the same needs as a washing machine, that’s why we provided a diverse selection above. But to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth from your unit, here are the top features to consider during your search.

Do You Want A Smart Washing Machine?

The industry is seeing a higher demand for smarter units than manually-operated washing machines. A smart washer allows you to control, monitor, and operate your programmes via an app, which means you don’t have to be home to switch on and off your washing machine.

Wi-Fi-enabled or voice-controlled washing machines are convenient and easy to use. A Wi-Fi model allows you to remotely pause the wash so your clothes are fresh when you get home. You can even schedule a cycle overnight to make use of off-peak prices. The app will also provide tips on using your machine to the best of its abilities, including how you can use it more efficiently.

Reload Function

This function means you can add missed items to your load, even when the cycle has started. Simply pause the load, open the door, and add your remaining items. This feature is great for large households or busy parents.

Delayed Start

If you want the option to control when your programme begins for up to 24 hours, the Delayed Start function is a must-have. Simply load the washer, add your detergent, and set the timer to start at your preferred time.

Self-cleaning Detergent Drawers

Tired of detergent drawers and drums becoming dirty or blocked? This feature uses a powerful water jet to flush out any residue after a wash, keeping your washing machine clean for the next use. Although this isn’t an essential feature, it’s a great way to increase the unit’s longevity.

Sensor Washing

Turn a washing machine into an eco-friendly unit with sensors that customize the amount of water and cycle length based on the number of clothes in the washer. This feature means you don’t have to always add a full load of washing and helps you to save money on wasted water.

How Quiet do You Want You Washer to Be?

Is it important to you that the washing machine is quiet during use? If so, opt for a noise level 55 dB or below. The lower the figure, the quieter it is. Whisper-quiet units minimize vibrations—even during a spin cycle, so no one will ever be disturbed during a programme.

Washing Machine Load Capacity

It’s important that you select a capacity that suits your needs. Most range from 5 kg to 13 kg. A 5 kg machine will wash 25 t-shirts, whereas a 9 – 10 kg machine will wash 50. If you have multiple people in your household and want to prevent using a cycle all the time, opt for a larger model. This is also ideal for cleaning bulky items, such as duvets.

However, consider that a larger machine will generally cost more to run. So only choose a size that you’ll need, or choose one with an eco mode or half-load function.

Think About Spin Speeds

The washing machine’s spin speed determines how wet the clothes are when they’re finished washing. Most spins range from 1000 to 1600 rpm, with the higher figure leaving clothes dryer. This is important if you wish to wear the clothes soon after a wash.

Display Panel

It’s essential that you’re comfortable with how to operate your washing machine. If you’re technophobic, steer away from an LCD display, which might be too overwhelming to use. Alternatively, a touch-screen display can be user-friendly and allow you to clearly see the function you’re choosing.

Settings and Washing Modes

A washing machine can feature a few or a lot of settings, depending on your preferences. Such settings include eco mode, quick wash, delicate wash, wool wash, and more. What kind of features are you looking for and do you need this versatility? Some of the best washing machines also feature a programme for allergies, reducing allergens and dust left on clothes after a cycle.

Tips for Caring for Your Washing Machine

Once you’ve made the right choice for yourself, it’s time to care for your unit. Always gently remove clothes from the washer, preventing any tugs. This reduces the chances of components becoming loose and improves the unit’s longevity.

You can’t beat freshening your washer every now and then. The seals can hide bacteria, so it’s important to keep them clean and dirt-free. Dab some vinegar onto a cloth and wipe along the seal to remove any present bacteria. Then, pour white vinegar into the empty drum and apply a hot wash to remove any dirt and bacteria inside of your machine.

Keep your detergent drawer clean and fresh by rinsing any leftover solution after a wash. If you have stagnant detergent in the drawer, it can release unpleasant smells and even cause blockages in the washer. Regularly remove the drawer and pour in hot soapy water. Use a toothbrush to scrub away any mould, limescale, or unused product. This will keep the drawer smelling fresh.

Don’t forget to clean the filters, too. These are responsible for catching fluff, and coins left in your pockets. But to keep them working at their best, you need to clean them regularly or give them a good clean.

Begin by switching off the machine and opening the filter door. Twist the handle to remove the filter and pull out anything that might be causing a blockage. Then, soak the filter in hot water to budge a blockage. Rinse and then place back in the machine.