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Most Reliable Sewing Machine Brands of 2023

describing brands of sewing machine

After settling on a certain kind of sewing machine, the manufacturer (or brand) issue still has to be addressed. Because buying a sewing machine requires significant thought and can be expensive, we’d like to introduce you to the most well-known brands and let you know which sewing machine producers have stood the test of time. 

Whether it’s a well-known Singer or Brother machine, we’ll assist you in finding a reliable sewing machine brand. 

To identify the top sewing machine brands, the Scrub Hub team have reviewed hundreds of leading machines to identify the winning brands for your next home sewing project.

Our passionate sewing experts test out new models from well-known manufacturers – analysing threading ease, novel features, handling, and stitching performance with various types of cloth, in addition to checking feedback from long-term users.

Here’s our list of the top 5 Most Reliable Brands


Brother sewing machine brand logo

Brother, a well-liked Japanese producer of sewing and embroidery machines, is a key player in the market. Sewing machines for novices start at roughly £100, while their high-end professional embroidery machines go for several thousand pounds and are the chosen brand for many textile businesses.

It’s worth noting that even the most basic Brother machines are feature rich and offer exceptional performance.

Among Brother’s product offerings are 18 models that specialise in either sewing or embroidery, as well as six models that combine the two functions. They also offer machines just for quilting and crafts.

Sewing machines from Brother cater to all skill levels, from those just starting out to those with years of experience behind the needle and thread. If you’re just starting off and want something to repair damaged fabric, or make alterations, try the Brother LS14S for reliable value. 


Singer-brand name

Since 1851, the American brand Singer has been linked with sewing. They’re the brand behind the first ever zig-zag machine and took the world of sewing from manual to electric powered.

Being from the UK, you may be surprised to hear that this is a US brand since you most likely used a Singer sewing machine brand in a home economics class at school. It just goes to show how far-reaching and reliable this brand of sewing machine was in both commercial as well as home settings.



In many industries, sewing machine vendors acknowledge that Asian manufacturers dominate the electronics industry. The Janome corporation is a well-known one in Japan’s business. The origins of the company date back to 1935.

Sewing machines were the first domestic appliances in Japan to be mass-produced at that period. Janome sewing machines are still widely used in Japan and more than 100 other nations across the world by both men and women who love to sew.

Dependability for the Long Run

When you purchase a Janome sewing machine, you are protected by a five-year warranty for a reason. In theory, the Japanese manufacturer shows how much they trust their own products. It’s not only that Janome sewing machines are known for their long-term dependability that contributes to their consistently good scores in testing.

The great quality of the equipment is also a major factor in customer loyalty. In addition, the company is continually working on innovations to assist the Janome sewing machines to continue to have significant international success and to guarantee that customers are happy faces at the same time


Bernina logo brand

Bernina was founded in Switzerland in 1893. Their sewing machines are made with Swiss accuracy in mind, and they target the upper end of the market.

This company’s London Sewing Centre offers a variety of overlockers and sewing machines that include free foundation classes.

Overlockers and quilting and embroidery machines are also available from Bernina. While the Bernina 880 Plus Crystal edition – the company’s most advanced machine – should give sewing specialists nearly endless options, the entry-level Bernina 325 is your new go-to machine.

If you’re looking for the most basic sewing machines from Bernina, go no further than the 2 Series. They’re easy to operate, but you can expand them with additional attachments as you develop. The Bernina 325 is the most affordable model, although it’s still more expensive than sewing machines from other manufacturers in this price range.

The 3 Series sewing machines may also be used for quilting, making them ideal for novices. While the Bernina 335 is the priciest, the Bernina 325 is the most affordable in this price category.

Professionals might consider moving up to the Series 5 – 8 range. These feature-rich machines let you sew, embroider, and quilt – all in one. The Bernina 880 Plus Crystal edition, the most recent addition to the series, will set you back in the region of £8,000 from various outlets. Additionally, it has a lengthened free arm, complete automated threading, and additional embroidery functions.


Beginners should particularly choose Bernette sewing machines from BERNINA. They provide you with a wide range of stitching options, easy operation, and a sophisticated, contemporary style at a competitive price.

A Bernette sewing machine is an ideal choice for you if you’re a quality-conscious novice who wants to carry out your unique sewing ideas, regardless of whether you’re sewing or embroidering. BERNINA brand sewing machines are consistently cutting-edge thanks to ongoing quality testing.

The Bernette B37 and B38 sewing machines are the most well-liked Bernette models. Both sewing machines exhibit dependable construction and outstanding stitch strength. Both variants are also simple to operate. The Bernette b38 has 394 distinct stitches to choose from as opposed to the Bernette b37’s 50. The Bernette B38 also comes with a big selection of attachments, including an expansive extension table in addition to eight different sewing feet.

The manual needle threader and thread cutter on the Bernette Sew and Go 5 guarantee effective stitching. 23 different stitch types are available on this Bernette sewing machine, including a buttonhole with a maximum stitch width of 5mm. Thanks to the four supplied sewing feet, you have many stitching alternatives!

The Bernette Milan 5 is small and simple to operate, making it an excellent choice for novice sewers. Compared to its predecessor, this Bernette sewing machine is significantly more convenient! You may implement your ideas with complete flexibility and creativity thanks to the 26 stitch types. The stepless stitch width and the quick and simple loading of the bobbin into the updated bobbin unit from above are further highlights of the Bernette Milan 5.

The Bernette B35 is a reliable, adaptable, and accurate sewing machine that you may purchase. For novices, the Bernette 35 is ideal. You may creatively actualize your sewing ideas with its 23 stitch kinds and seven sewing foot! The mechanical sewing machine used by Bernette does not require computer control. The three rotary knobs may therefore be used to adjust stitch width, length, and pattern.

While sewing, you may also change the thread tension using a wheel. In your sewing project, you may effortlessly, fast, and accurately create buttonholes using the Bernette 35. The two-stage sewing foot lifter on the Bernette sewing machine is a great aid when stitching thicker materials or many layers of cloth.

We suggest the new Bernette series’ Bernette 77! The sole purpose of this BERNINA Bernette sewing machine is to stitch and quilt. You may activate its inbuilt dual transport as needed, which will aid in distributing the goods during transportation. Check out the Bernette sewing machine’s inbuilt sewing adviser for helpful sewing hints and techniques! You may perfectly customise the back-kick function on the programmable foot control to suit your particular requirements.

Special thanks to Max at Mostology for guiding us through the process of choosing the brands of sewing machines in the UK with the most reliable reputations. Their process for gathering statistical product data was very helpful to the creation of this list.

Why Buy a Bernette Branded Sewing Machine?

  • Several comfortable features for original ideas
  • Very affordable
  • Enjoy stitching with practical operation.
  • Reliability of sewing machines, whether used for embroidery, shortening, or decorating
  • Stylish, modern appearance, and tested technology
  • BERNINA continuously inspects for quality
  • Basic sewing machine operation, ideal for beginners.