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Most Powerful Upright Corded Vacuum Cleaner

shark upright vacuum cleaner on tile floor

When it comes to easy reach and great suction, nothing tops an upright vacuum! There’s just no realistic way to keep floors, crevices, corners, upholstery and hidden areas under furniture clean without a good upright vacuum that you can easily lift.

It’s hard to even know where to begin when discussing the perks of upright vacuums. A quality upright vacuum with a mains power cord offers consistent power, portability, efficiency and well-sealed suction. What’s more, you’re getting all that power for a price that’s typically very reasonable. If you’re ready to leave behind the baggage and bulk of a canister vacuum, take a look at reviews of the five best and powerful corded upright vacuums to consider!

1. Shark Anti-Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum Cleaner With Powered Lift-Away NZ850UK

Shark-NZ850UK purple upright vacuum

You have to love that Shark addresses one of the main concerns of vacuum owners right in the name of this model! The anti-wrap technology built into this vacuum is a great starting point for talking about its long list of terrific features. This special design is capable of removing both large and small debris without causing frustrating, potentially damaging tangles in your brush roll.

A feature like this is significant because unseen tangles can really kill a vacuum over time. In addition, you don’t have to worry about painstakingly removing tangled strands of hair just to prevent the need for a premature vacuum replacement.

This vacuum earns points on the usability end for its smooth, easy gliding action. Your arms and shoulders will really appreciate not having to push your way through every square inch of your floor with a struggle.

Keep in mind that this vacuum is not just designed for your exposed floors. It also works beautifully on stairs. You’ll also find that the easy manoeuvrability of this vacuum makes it a dream to use when vacuuming under furniture. One especially nice touch is the LED “headlight” feature that will shine a light on hidden dirt when you’re vacuuming under furniture.

Shark has designed this vacuum to work brilliantly on both hardwood and carpet. A big time-saving bonus here is that you can go from carpet to hardwood without the need to swap vacuums or add attachments. As the vacuum runs, continuously powered brush rolls attract dirt as you move the vacuum in any direction.

It’s clear to see that this vacuum is packed with features that turn a mundane chore into an exercise in smooth, easy ergonomics. Here’s a rundown of the specs on this vacuum:

  • Corded upright vacuum cleaner.
  • Dimensions are 117 x 26 x 30 (centimetres).
  • Weighs 6.5 kilograms.
  • Suitable for hard floors and carpets.
  • Captures and traps 99.9 per cent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum.

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2. Hoover Whirlwind Evo Pets WRE07P

Hoover up right for pets at home

Designed specifically for extra reach, the Whirlwind Evo range is a top pick for comfort and versatility. This is a great vacuum to have in your house if you’re focused on getting in and out of areas easily. This is the rare vacuum to feature a 7-meter power cable that also has a 4.5-meter stretch hose.

It’s a vacuum to have on your list if you’re wavering between a corded and cordless vacuum simply because of the added level of freedom for moving around offered here. You should have no trouble covering your entire 13-step staircase in most houses.

This model is also packed with a ton of considerate features that will make your vacuuming experience easier and breezier. First, the brush bar on this model can be raised and lowered in a pinch to help you customize your strategy in different areas of your home.

The benefit to this is that you’re customizing suction to work for tiles, carpets or rugs. This vacuum also has a washable filter. Here’s a quick look at how the specs shake out:

  • Corded.
  • Dimensions are 310 x 1,090 x 320 (millimetres).
  • Weighs 5.2 kilograms.
  • Rotating brush bar.
  • Features a stretch hose for full-stairs accessibility.
  • Built-in storage tool.
  • Dusting and furniture nozzle.

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3. Gtech AirRam MK2

This is a vacuum to put on your list if you’re running a pet-friendly household and don’t want tethered by an electrical cable. Yes, I know we said this is our top list of cord powered vacuums, but we had to drop the cordless Gtech Mk2 in because this specifically designed this vacuum with enough strength to plow through fur and dander left behind by four-legged friends. This design gets its substantial power by way of strategically placed aluminium that’s capable of handling more strain.

In addition to building a stronger vacuum, Gtech AirRam MK2 has also added in little elements that help you to keep your floors cleaner. The first is a powered rotating brush bar that picks up larger pieces of debris as you push the vacuum forward. This brush bar works in conjunction with an exclusive AirLOC system that sucks up pet hair and debris as you move.

Notably, this is a cordless vacuum. It runs on a 22V lithium-ion battery. Generally, you’ll get 40 minutes of vacuuming time for every four hours of charging. That said, you won’t be caught by surprise if your vacuum is about to run out of juice. The vacuum’s display has a four-stage LED indicator that shows you how much battery power you have left.

Overall, this is a very strong, peppy model that’s great to have to wait in your closet if you have a pet in the house. It’s wonderfully lightweight and portable for the amount of suction power that you’re getting. Here’s your look at what you’re getting with this vacuum:

  • Cordless Upright.
  • Dimensions are 85.3 x 30 x 26 (centimetres).
  • Weighs 3.2 kilograms.
  • 40 minutes of power per a four-hour charge with lithium-ion battery.
  • Designed to tackle pet hair.

4. VAX Air™ Stretch Upright Vacuum Cleaner

vax upright

If it’s all about that long reach when looking for a new vacuum, this Vax corded vacuum wins by a mile. It boasts an impressive 17-meter reach to help you get to high and low spots all throughout your home. There’s also the benefit of a 3.6-meter hose. A 1.5-litre capacity on this model means you’re free to go through long vacuum sessions without the need to unload.

Overall, this is a great vacuum to consider if you’re trying to conserve storage space due to the fact that it has a three-in-one design that also covers dusting, upholstery and crevices. It’s a great pick if you’re looking for consistent suction in a very neat, easy-to-handle package. Here’s your look at the specs:

  • Corded.
  • Weighs 4.9 kilograms.
  • Dimensions are 110 x 31 x 30.5 (centimetres).
  • 17-meter reach.
  • Great capacity and suction for the size.

5. Dyson DC40 Lightweight Up-Right Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Dc40

For some people, only a Dyson will do! This Dyson Small Ball is a great choice if you happen to fall into that category after reviewing your options for upright vacuum cleaners. The big standout feature on this model is an automatically adjusting head that actually adjusts to seal in your suction when vacuuming on different floor types.

That custom suction action also works beautifully when it comes to eliminating pet hair. Choose from three suction modes when tackling debris.

Weighing 6.9 kilograms, this vacuum is slightly heavier than other upright vacuums in the same class. However, it is still more than lightweight enough to be considered a highly portable vacuum that’s generally a breeze to carry up the stairs.

Dyson also wows vacuum users by making this vacuum much quieter than previous models. What will really impress you is a push-button release on the cleaner bin that makes emptying your vacuum a snap! Here’s the rundown on this Dyson:

  • Dimensions are 1,057 x 384 x 281 (millimetres).
  • Weighs 6.9 kilometres.
  • Certified asthma and allergy friendly™ by Allergy Standards Limited.
  • Three suction modes.
  • Great for a house with pets.
  • Great seal.
  • Quiet.

A Floor-to-Ceiling Guide to Buying an Upright Vacuum

You may be pretty eager to upgrade to an upright vacuum if you’ve been lugging a bulky canister vacuum around. You may also be in the market for a better upright vacuum if you made the mistake of buying something that felt bulky or underpowered. Let’s cover the big factors to consider while making a decision you’ll be happy to live with!

Corded vs Cordless Upright Vacuum

This is a good question to get out of the way right away! Overall, deciding to go with a corded option is simply going to give you many more possibilities to work with. Cordless vacuums are priced much higher than corded ones.

As a result, you may be putting yourself in a position to sacrifice some really great features for the sake of not having to deal with a cord. Don’t forget that a cord also limits you in terms of actual vacuum time per charge.

In most cases, getting a full hour of charge time is considered exceptionally generous with upright vacuum models. You can typically expect between 30 and 40 minutes of working time per charge.

The fact that a full charge can take between two and four hours means that you could be waiting around for a long time between vacuum sessions. If you have a large home that takes quite a bit of time to cover with a vacuum, a cordless model isn’t necessarily the best choice.

However, cordless uprights available today tend to perform wonderfully. They are ideal if you tend to do quick spurts of vacuuming throughout the house because you can do what you need to do without plugging and unplugging your cord.

Upright Vacuum Suction Power

Nothing else really matters if a vacuum has lacklustre suction power. When looking at suction, it’s important to process what you’re seeing in two parts. The first part is the actual power of the vacuum. The second part is the seal that controls the consistency of your suction. A high-suction vacuum with a good seal is what will allow you to breeze through your floors to pick up all types of debris, dust, lint and crumbs!

Suction becomes even more important if you happen to have a pet in your home. Dog fur and cat fur are both notorious for clinging to carpets and upholstery. Unfortunately, settling for a vacuum that wasn’t designed for pet-friendly homes can leave you frustrated because your vacuum nozzle will go right over fur without actually sucking it up.

For the Curious Shopper: Answering Some Common Questions About Upright Vacuum Cleaners

If you’re shopping for an upright vacuum cleaner for the first time, you may be curious to know if these sleek vacuums really are as lightweight and effective as people claim they are. You may also be wondering if it’s really worth it to upgrade when so many inexpensive canister vacuums are available for much less. Let’s cover the big questions that will help you determine if it’s time to make an about-turn to upright!

Are Upright Vacuums Easy to Push?

Yes, most modern upright vacuums are extremely light and easy to push! As you can see, all of the vacuums on our review list weigh between 3.2 and 6.9 kilograms. By contrast, the average canister vacuum can easily weigh 9 kilograms. The shape of an upright vacuum also makes for much easier carrying.

You’re not worried about carrying around all types of add-on parts and extensions as you move from room to room because everything is packed into a narrow, streamlined body. You also don’t have to deal with constantly worrying that you’ll somehow pull or puncture the long, free-floating hose.

Is Bin Capacity Important?

The bin capacity on an upright vacuum cleaner ultimately determines how frequently you’ll be stopping to empty your canister. Most uprights have clear windows that allow you to see how full your canister is getting in real-time. If you’re constantly vacuuming up huge clouds of fur due to having a pet in your home, a larger canister is definitely a feature to focus on.

Can You Clean More Than Just Floors With an Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Today’s uprights are specifically designed to be all-in-one machines. Using simple hose attachments, you can easily treat your drapes, couches and more. Upright vacuums also have enough power to get across carpets without being so crude that they will damage your hardwood floors! They are especially loved among people who have carpeted stairs because of how easy they are to get up and down steps when compared to traditional canister vacuums.

Final Thoughts on Making the Upgrade to an Upright

Making an upgrade to an upright vacuum cleaner is one of those seemingly small life changes that can make a huge impact! Many people find that they can finally get on a good vacuuming schedule once they know that they can zip from room to room using the same lightweight, highly portable vacuum cleaner after years of struggling with a clunky canister.

Today’s uprights offered by leading vacuum brands combine years of engineering and research to deliver easy, air-friendly vacuuming power that cuts right through the clutter of life!